Wps button toggle vpn?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by TheDonTheMaggi, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. TheDonTheMaggi

    TheDonTheMaggi New Member Member

    Hi all.

    New to networking and I really seem to struggle with it.

    I am running a virgin super hub in modem mode connected to a R7000.

    Running Advanced Tomato V3.5-140 AIO 64K

    I am using ipvanish in the open vpn section and all is working well however the xbox doesnt like it and sees it as a double NAT/no upnp available.

    I tried putting the xbox on a separate vlan which it connected to but could not figure a way for it to bypass the vpn so gave up hope after a month of trying.

    I found the xbox works fine if i stop the running of the vpn, so is there a script i can run for a press of the wps button to toggle the running of the vpn?

    Help much appreciated
  2. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    Give this a try:

    Assuming your main network is VLAN1/br0 with subnet and your xbox network is VLAN3/br1 with subnet ( if not, change accordingly )..

    Under OpenVPN Client->Advanced uncheck the box for "Redirect internet traffic", and check box for "Ignore redirect" and save. Then under the Routing Policy tab, check the box for "Redirect through VPN".. check enable on a line and set the "type" to "From source IP".. then for value put and save. See if that works. It should route everything for your main network through the VPN, while the xbox's network should bypass it. Worst case and it screws up communications in some fashion, connect to the xbox's VLAN to access the router.
  3. TheDonTheMaggi

    TheDonTheMaggi New Member Member


    I was close before, bloody tick boxes.

    my main network is as the modem is

    I wanted to use as the Vlan but wouldn't allow it so went for It also wouldn't allow the same netmask as the main network, so had to drop it from the to for it to do anything.

    the Nat was strict on the the new connection but I have now port forwarded the ones the xbox uses, so it is now an open network.

    Thank you for helping me out, I'm still very lost on the subject, and I think its time I tried to get an understanding for it.

    being a mechanic I'm more of a practical person, but still love problem solving.

    once again Thank you Sean as I can now game freely and not cursed with double NAT.
  4. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    You're welcome. Sense you're trying to learn this stuff, I'd mention that and are the same network/subnet, and an IP can't end with just 0. Perhaps you meant and
  5. TheDonTheMaggi

    TheDonTheMaggi New Member Member

    Apologies I did indeed mean 0.1.

    Sofar so good on the NAT side of things.

    Be cool to try and learn how scripting for Tomato goes. As the WPS button is redundant at the mo.
  6. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    What do you want it to do now that you don't need to drop your VPN?
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