WPS11 Print Server and XP

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by bigbadbob, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. bigbadbob

    bigbadbob Network Guru Member

    Have successfully set up WPS11 on WLAN to drive a Samsung ML-2150 laser printer. However, this only works from Win2000 machine. Another machine running XP is not functioning (printer is "Offline"). Switched XP firewall off - no change...

    Any ideas?
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Can you ping the print server from the XP machine? If so have you tried simply reinstalling/reconfiguring the printer on the XP machine?
  3. bigbadbob

    bigbadbob Network Guru Member

    Tried pinging - works from the W2K machine, but no reply from the XP machine. Have tried reinstalling several times. Still no results.
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    OK, so it's a basic networking problem...

    1. What specifically was the result when pinging from XP? (Request timed out or some other error?)

    2. I'm assuming there are no other known network related problems with the XP box? (You can ping the 2K box from XP, surf the web, etc.?)

    3. I know you mentioned the Windows Firewall, but are you running any other firewalls on the XP box?

    4. How are the machines connected to your network? Are both the PC's wireless or is one wired?

    5. What AP/Router are you using and with which firmware?

    6. What are the IP addresses of the computers, Wireless AP/Router, and Printer server?
  5. bigbadbob

    bigbadbob Network Guru Member

    1. The PING request timed out.
    2. The XP machine can ping other devices connected to the WLAN
    3. No other firewalls evident on XP machine.
    4. Using a Linksys BEFW114 Router - decided to use only Linksys products on whole network to avoid any incompatibility problems. However, have connected an i-Book, and HP iPAQ and a Sharp wireless laptop to WLAN with no problem.
    5. All IP addresses are variants of the 192.168.1.xxx
  6. bigbadbob

    bigbadbob Network Guru Member

    Just had a play with another XP machine - this can PING all WLAN devices. Difference being this has SP1, the XP machine with problems is SP2... I know that there have been lots of hardware problems with SP2, but not sure specifically what the problem is in this case. Don't really want to uninstall SP2 - is there any advice available??
  7. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Hmm... so the problematic XP SP2 machine can ping other devices on the network, but NOT the print server?! Feels like a firewall to me... I'd consider booting into "Safe Mode with Networking" and see if you can ping from there. (That will bypass some firewalls.)

    I'd rule out a SP2 hardware conflict since that wouldn't prevent you from pinging just a single host on your network.

    Just for the sake of testing is it possible to disable the wireless on the problem PC, plug the PC into the router via a network cable and try pinging from there?
  8. bigbadbob

    bigbadbob Network Guru Member

    Pinging Works

    Got the troubled XP machine to ping both in Safe mode and normal. I'll try a re-installation and set up the printer port...
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