WPS54G and HP COLOR LASERJET 3550 doesn't work together

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by pprem, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. pprem

    pprem Network Guru Member

    Hi everybody

    We just received our new HP Color Laserjet 3550 from HP, this printer works properly when we connect it with USB cable to the two computers which have the driver installed.

    I try to use a WPS54G (firmware 6046) to share the printer on the network with WIFI... and have nothing !

    The WPS54G is accessible for our browser and BiAdmin (with WIFI and/or ethernet cable). It doesn't recognize the printer and can't print a test page.

    When I send a page from a computer, I only obtain a windows error message saying the PrintServer is occupied by an other job or no error mesage, but no printed page !

    Do you have any idea ?
    Can I do something or have I to put the WPS54G to a trash ?

    PS: reading this forum, I've updated the firmware to 6047, but no change for me.
  2. pprem

    pprem Network Guru Member

    other problem, I can't had the printer on a Mac via the network... the Appletalk see the WRT54G, but nothing happen when I choose it.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    If you sent the WPS54G a print job and it did not print you will get the error message you received. Using the Bi-Admin Utility re-initialize the print server to flush any jobs the were sent to the WPS54G and did not print and I did not mean reset to factory defaults; I meant reset device. Did you set up the logical ports on the WPS54G.
  4. pprem

    pprem Network Guru Member

    I didn't use the logical port options, but will try tomorrow the reset of the WPS54G.

    I'll answer with the effect... if anything happens.
  5. pprem

    pprem Network Guru Member

    At home, with a Minolta 2300DL, the WPS54G work properly. The default page is correctly printed.

    At the office, with de HP COLOR LASERJET 3550 nothinf is printed. The WPS54G don't activate the printer (in powersave mode), as it does not send anything on the USB port.

    I tried the reset default option in bi-admin, but it doesn't solve this problem.

    Do you see anything else to try before burning the WPS ? (the printer is too expensive for burning it)

    Here is the log:

    Hardware ID:05004A8C2C
    Firmware Version:6047
    MAC Address:00-0F-66-80-C1-45
    Protocol ID:80FE
    Default Name:LK80C145
    Server Name:LK80C145

    AppleTalk Info:
    Printer Type:

    TCP/IP Info:
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Gateway Address:
    Email Server IP Address:
    Printing Account Name: N/A
    Redirect Account Name: N/A

    SMB Info:
    Domain Name:domain

    WIRELESS Info:
    Station Name:00-0F-66-80-C1-45
    Channel No:6
    Network Type:Infrastructure
    Link Quality:Excellent
    Signal Strength:Good
    Details below---***---***
    0001 BOX_NAME:LK80C145
    0012 TCPIP_P :Enable
    0013 APTALK_P:Enable
    0014 NETB_P:Enable
    0100 L1_PROUT:p1
    0101 L1_PREST:
    0102 L1_POSTR:
    0103 L1_CHGLF:No
    0120 L2_PROUT:p1
    0121 L2_PREST:
    0122 L2_POSTR:
    0123 L2_CHGLF:No
    0140 L3_PROUT:p1
    0141 L3_PREST:
    0142 L3_POSTR:
    0143 L3_CHGLF:No
    3000 AP_ZONE:*
    3001 AP_TYPE1:LaserWriter
    3101 AP_PCOMM1:Yes
    4000 IP_ADDR:
    4001 GATEWAY:
    4002 MASK :
    4010 TCP_INT:2
    4011 TCP_CNT:254
    4012 WINS_IP:
    4020 DHCP_MODE:Enable
    4100 MAIL_IP:
    4101 MAIL_ACC:
    4102 MAIL_PAS:**********
    4103 MAIL_INT:1
    4104 MAIL_BAN:Yes
    4105 MAIL_RED:
    4106 MAIL_POR:p1
    4107 MAIL_EVR:No
    4108 MAIL_NOT:No
    4109 MAIL_MOD:
    5000 SMBGNAME:domain
    5001 SMBDROP:No
    5002 SMBDELAY:0
    6000 CONTACT:
    6001 LOCATION:
    6011 M1_IP:
    6012 M1_ACCP:Read Only
    6013 M1_CSTR:public
    6021 M2_IP:
    6022 M2_ACCP:Read Only
    6023 M2_CSTR:public
    6031 M3_IP:
    6032 M3_ACCP:Read Only
    6033 M3_CSTR:public
    6041 M4_IP:
    6042 M4_ACCP:Read Only
    6043 M4_CSTR:public
    6111 T1_IP:
    6112 T1_S:1
    6113 T1_CSTR:public
    6114 T1_ENAB:Disable
    6121 T2_IP:
    6122 T2_S:1
    6123 T2_CSTR:public
    6124 T2_ENAB:Disable
    6131 T3_IP:
    6132 T3_S:1
    6133 T3_CSTR:public
    6134 T3_ENAB:Disable
    6141 T4_IP:
    6142 T4_S:1
    6143 T4_CSTR:public
    6144 T4_ENAB:Disable
    7000 SSID:CabinetFranceze
    7001 DOMAIN:10
    7002 CHANNEL:0
    7003 SECMODE:0
    7004 KEY_LEN:5
    7005 DEFAULTKEY:0
    7006 KEY0:0000000000
    7007 KEY1:0000000000
    7008 KEY2:0000000000
    7009 KEY3:0000000000
    7012 AUTHEN:1
    7013 MODE:0
    7014 LINKINFO:STATE:Associated - BSS ID = 00:0F:66:C7:B3:14;CHANNEL:6;CHANNEL:6;TX:0;RX:0;QUALITY:Excellent(100%);STRENGTH:Good(77%);
    7017 WPA:WPA-PSK
    7018 PSKALSET:0
    7019 PSKKEY:
    7020 PSKAL:TKIP;
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