WPS54G Compatibility List (from Linksys Tech Support)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by davebrennan, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. davebrennan

    davebrennan Network Guru Member

    I just finished a Live Chat with Linksys Support. I'm shopping for a printer to use with a WPS54G. I had a great tech who gave me a list of "certain models that have been tested to work with the printserver."

    NOTE: THIS IS FOR THE WPS54G (USB-only printserver)

    I don't know if this is the full list, but it's pretty comprehensive. I'm sure there are many models not on here, but this is all that Linksys has in their system right now. I also don't know how current the printers on the list are, but it's a start. I was told they won't release a formal list so as not to be "brand bashing" (these literally came across the chat window one line at a time...so, I gues they didn't technically "publish" them).

    Brother HL 1240
    Brother HL 1435
    Brother HL 1440
    Brother HL 1660
    Brother HL 1850
    Brother HL 2070n
    Brother HL 2460
    Brother IntelliFAX 4100
    Brother MFC 210 C
    Brother MFC 3100 C
    Brother MFC 3820 CN
    Brother MFC 8440
    Brother MFC 9600
    Brother MFC 9700
    Brother MSC 210C
    Brother MSC 9700

    Canon 30i
    Canon 550i
    Canon 850i
    Canon 850R
    Canon 6100i
    Canon BJC-6200
    Canon BJC-S400
    Canon BJC-S 6300
    Canon BJC- 1000 SP
    Canon BJS500
    Canon BJ890PD
    Canon F 30
    Canon I 250
    Canon I 455
    Canon I 475 D
    Canon I 560
    Canon I 560S
    Canon I 950
    Canon LBP 8
    Canon LBP 350
    Canon LBP 460
    Canon LBP-470
    Canon LBP 860
    Canon LBP 880
    Canon LBP 910
    Canon LBP 1210
    Canon LBP 1310
    Canon LBP 1510
    Canon LBP 1610
    Canon LBP 1810
    Canon LBP 1820
    Canon LBP 1910
    Canon LBP 2050
    Canon LBP 2300
    Canon LBP 2510
    Canon MF 5750
    Canon MP 360
    Canon MP 370
    Canon MP 730
    Canon MP 760
    Canon MS 5550
    Canon PIXUS F890PD
    Canon PIXUS 850I
    Canon PIXUS 950I
    Canon PIXUS 960I
    Canon PIXUS 6500i
    Canon S750
    Canon Multipass F20
    Canon Multipass MPC 755
    Canon Image Runner 2200-3300
    Canon Pixma iP600

    Dell 720
    Dell J740
    Dell Photo 720

    HP 4MV
    HP 4V
    HP 600
    HP 1000 (USB Printer)
    HP 1100XI
    HP 1220 CSE (NetBeui)
    HP 2000
    HP 2100
    HP 2200
    HP 2250
    HP 2500 C
    HP 2500 L
    HP 2550 L
    HP 4000
    HP 4500
    HP 8100
    HP PCL 5C

    Lexmark Z 31
    Lexmark Z 42
    Lexmark Z 43
    Lexmark Z 50
    Lexmark Z 51
    Lexmark C 720
    Lexmark E 320
    Lexmark M 412
    Lexmark S 2450
    Lexmark X125
    Lexmark X1150
    Lexmark X2250
    Lexmark X4270
    Lexmark X5150
    Lexmark X6150
    Lexmark X6180
    Lexmark 1000 Color
    Lexmark 6170
    Lexmark 7000




    Xerox 2230
    Xerox Work Center 545
  2. Tevez

    Tevez LI Guru Member

    hey, dude, has someone tried the WPS54G with the Lexmark 1665 ??? It's not working for , can someone tell me if it is compatible ?

    Yeah, thanks !
  3. Laurentwb

    Laurentwb Network Guru Member

    HP 5100 series work as well. :thumb:
  4. Skydog

    Skydog LI Guru Member

    No Epson???

    I find it very strange that not one Epson is listed!
  5. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    My thoughts exactly!
  6. daedone

    daedone Guest


    I have an Epson R200, works just fine (so by extention the entire 200/300 line does). Prints from XP using the client, and after a few hours of googling, thru mac OS X too :thumbup:
  7. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    Rule of thumb for me is if the printer works with Linux it probably works with a print server. The main thing is if the printer requires CPU from the desktop (like the dreaded WinModems) it likely won't work.

    I use http://www.linuxprinting.org/printer_list.cgi (possibly outdated sometimes). If a printer is listed as working it likely works on most print servers. Another tip is if you are trying to get other print servers like a CUPS server or users over a VPN to use the printer then use LPD protocol instead of goofy Windows protocols or UPnP (whatever that is....)
  8. safesax2002

    safesax2002 Network Guru Member

    HP 842C also works. I think my HP PSC 1315v will work also (print only) but I don't know for sure.
  9. ofbarea

    ofbarea Network Guru Member

    Epson Stylus Photo R220 works just fine with this print server. Using clients running XP SP2, Vista Home x86 and Vista Ultimate x64.
  10. automaton_be

    automaton_be Guest

    Funny, i just got an email from Linksys saying the Canon i560 isn't on their compatibility list. We got it to work though (thanks to the bi-admin utility, which we found out about through Google).
    Only the test function (pressing reset for ten seconds) doesn't work. Which is also the exact opposite of what Linksys support told us, they said "If the test function doesn't work, printing will not work". Well, testing does not work, and printing does. Guess we're in a different dimension.
  11. hfelsh

    hfelsh Guest

    I have a Canon Multipass F60, which is very similiar to the Canon Multipass F20. Since the F20 is on the "compatability list" from Linksys, why the hell won't the WPS54G recognize the F60?!?!? :thumbdown:

    Also, trying to find out more info about the "bi-admin utility" I see mentioned. Mayber I need to use that instead?

    Since I can't get the WPS54G to recognize the F60, I've been forced to re-purpose one of my older PCs, put XP on it, and use it as a print server. I can also remote in an scan, which is what I need as well. Unfortunately, the F60 won't work in Vista. :frown:
  12. ernanirocha

    ernanirocha Addicted to LI Member

    for printer ZEBRA not works !!! for any model this print server not works.
    This is a big trouble.
    I bought 12 WPSM54G V1.1 ... :mad:
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