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    As an intermediate XP user, I've just spent four infuriating days wrestling with the Linksys WPS54G print server (firmware version . My aim was to share a Lexmark E120P laser printer wirelessly between three computers at home: a Dell XPs on XP Pro SP2 and two laptops also on XP Pro SP2 across a WPA-Personal secured, DHCP wireless LAN using a Linksys Wireless-G broadband router WRT54G v 5 (firmware version v1.00.6). Two computers have Norton Internet Security, 2006 and 2007, and one has McAfee Security Center 2006 (I mention this because I had no problems with firewalls and didn't turn them off at all). Anyway I've managed it -- i.e. WPA-Personal and DHCP -- thanks to others' posts in these forums and hope the following consolidated tips reduce the frustration for someone in the future.

    I found I had to do these steps in the exact order or the print server could disappear from my wireless network, computers I thought it was working on would stop working... what a nightmare.


    1. The installation software totally, totally sucks - especially if you want WPA security, not WEP, and more than one machine to share. Getting a second and third machine to use the print server is a pain.

    2. The print server 'reads' settings from the router when connected by ethernet cable. So keep the print server and obviously your printer beside your router for the duration of the installation process - all PCs and laptops.

    3. Keep the router connected to the print server using an ethernet cable until you have the print server running on all your computers.

    4. The print server has no off switch. You need to pull the power cable out instead. Do this before connecting ethernet or USB cables. Note that the print server turns off its wireless function when connected to the router with cable.


    5. Install your printer drivers and software on each computer as a local printer before doing anything with the print server.

    6. Make a note of all your wireless settings, passwords, etc. Also make a note of your workgroup or network domain in XP (Press Start > Control Panel > System - Computer Name).


    7. Follow the Quick Installation guide parts 1 and 2. Note that part 1B is confusing - you MUST connect the print server to your router with ethernet cable - there's no if about it.

    8. If you have a WPA network, not WEP, you'll need to change the print server, because the setup only allows WEP. Find the IP address of the print server by either pressing its reset button for 3 seconds while powered up, or via the router. My WRT54G lists IP addresses from the Status, Local Network, [DHCP Clients Table] --

    9. Let's say the print server is on -- navigate to [Note: You need to go to this page because there is a bug in the print server firmware - if you go to its home page, navigation then hangs]. Then click on the 'Wireless' tab. Reset the Security Mode to the same mode as the rest of your wireless network.

    10. Now do part 3, Install and Configure the PrintServer's Driver, of the Quick Installation guide.

    11. Now test print from a Windows application. If the application can't 'see' the printer, you might need to tell Windows it is online. Press Start, Printers and Faxes. You should see the printer but if it is greyed out or says Offline, right click on it and select Use Printer Online. [Later I found it useful to toggle offline then online again to get subsequent computers to 'find' the print server again, by the way].


    12. Make sure you install the printer locally (see 5). With the ethernet cable connecting the router and print server, put the WPS54G setup CD in the computer. Don't press Setup Wizard - just go straight to User Install. If you do run Setup Wizard see step 13. Sometimes this just wouldn't run for me. I think it was because I forgot to connect the router and print server with ethernet cable.


    13. Finally check that the print server wireless settings are correct. If you have WPA enabled, which is a sensible precaution rather than WEP (much less secure), then there is an additional step [Note: This is because the Setup Wizard seems to reset the security mode back to nothing, which means the rest of your wireless machines will no longer be able to see the print server].

    14. Go to (your IP address might be different, see 8). Then click on the 'Wireless' tab. Reset the Security Mode to the same settings as the rest of your wireless network. The print server should remember the other fields. Press Save.

    15. Pull out the print server's power. Then disconnect the ethernet cable between router and print server. Reconnect the power. Wait five minutes or so until the print server reappears on the wireless network.

    16. Try printing from all computers. Again, you might need to tell Windows the print server is online - see above.

    I know it's a budget device but I cannot recommend you buy this print server. It's a shame because my other Linksys devices were very easy to set up - Cisco, you should move this up your development schedule. Thank you to everyone who has posted in this forum -- you were a great help.
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