WPS54GU2 and no router

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by pupddc, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. pupddc

    pupddc Guest

    :?: I just bought a Wireless Print Server with USB; I do not have a router - only a DSL modem that hooks to a wireless ethernet bridge for internet access to my 2 laptops.

    How do I set up my WPS54GU2 print server simply as a wireless point to point print connection between my 2 laptops and the USB printer?

    I cannot get the SW to recognize the print server; I can't use the web interface becuase I do not know the IP address of the print server. Linksys says I can only use a router to setup the print server (becuase it needs DHCP).


  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Set a static address to an Ethernet card in one of you PCs. Connedt the WPS54GU2 to it. Start the Biadmin Management Utility. You should see your printser. On the menu bar click "Main", click "Configure...". You will prompted for a a Password. Enter "admin". Select the "Wireless". Enter a SSID, a Channel, for "Network Type" select "Ad Hoc", select your encryption, Key Length and WEP Key. Click the OK control button, a hourglass will appear. Next select "TCP/IP". On the TCP/IP select Fixed , enter a IP Address, a subnet Mask of and for a Gateway enter, since there is no Gateway. Click the Okay Control Button. At this point you may lose your connection. I have never set either my WPS54G or WPS54GU2 in AD Hoc mode. Disconnect the Printserver from your computer and power it down for at least thirty seconds. Reconnect the power. You have to configure all of your Wireless NIC to the same setting except IP Address, I believe all the Wireless NIC have to be on the same subnet. The IP Address have to be 192.168.1.X in form but with a different value for X. Your Biadmin Management Utility should find your printserver. It has to be installed on all your computer along with a the Print Server Utility.
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