WPS54GU2 and Win95 set up issues

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nerdmeier, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. nerdmeier

    nerdmeier Network Guru Member

    Just installed a WPS54GU2 on my 3 computer home network. Setup was successful and user installs to my Win98 desktop and Win98 notebook went smoothly.

    User install for the old win95 machine failed early - got the opening screen then:
    Your computer does not have the required network protocol installed, please install
    network protocol (Netbios or TCP/IP) first then install Print Server Driver again.

    The win95 machine has a linksys NIC in it and has been communicating with the WRT54GS router via TCP/IP for more than a year as well as sharing files with my NSLU2 and the other 2 win98 computers on the network which are linksys equiped.

    I can access the WPS54GU2 config screen from the win 95 machine via firefox and the WPS54GU2's IP address - and I can ping the WPS54GU2 from the win95 machine as well.

    Contacted Linksys support and their answer is that the printserver is not supported in win95. ALL of my other Linksys devices are communicating just fine with the old win95 machine - just not the print server.

    Anyone have a work-around? or any other suggestions?
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