WPS54GU2 - Can I have two on my network?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by fewkeste, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. fewkeste

    fewkeste Network Newbie Member

    I have two of these and wondered if it is possible to have two of them on my network at the same time? (connected to different printers of course). When I installed them one after the other it appeared the installation process of the second one 'overwrote' the previous unit's details (unless there's a technique/option to retain an already installed setup that I didn't notice). Any advice greatly appreciated as I've only just got these and I'd like to have non-wireless printers (both USB and parallel) operating wirelessly in two different locations in my house.
  2. badassz34

    badassz34 LI Guru Member

    You'll want to make sure that they're not both claiming the same IP address, as some of those embedded devices will default to a particular address. You can set up one, then provide it a static IP address of your choosing in your router, and then setup the other. If you're up against a stupid setup utility on your PC that is only finding one and setting it up, then try setting up the first device, power that one off, and then setup the second device. Afterwards you can power the first one on again and see if both are available.
  3. fewkeste

    fewkeste Network Newbie Member

    Right OK I'll give that a go in the next few days - thanks for the advice
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