WPS54GU2-Fed Up and Frustrated

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by westex_IT_guy, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. westex_IT_guy

    westex_IT_guy Network Guru Member

    I am dealing with a Linksys WPS54GU2 and having many of the same problems that a lot of other people have reported. I cannot get the damn thing to work wirelessly. I have learned that I may have some issues regarding the WEP vs. WPA-PSK settings on the exisiting wireless network. Fair enough, I suspected this might be an issue when I didn't even see the WPA-PSK option on the print server set up.

    So I am trying to decide whether I should shange the security setting on the whole network in an effort to make everything 128 bit WEP or whether that will even be worth the time and effort.

    I have also learned that there are problems with the install instructions and the web utility for the print server. I have read some of the other posts and made notes in order to develop a new install strategy. Maybe the sequence and manner that I loaded everything may not have been correct and I am considering uninstalling, resetting, and removing everything in order to start over fresh. However, even when the print server is wired directly to the router, the printer gets an IP, and the BI-Admin utility "sees" the printer but it still won't print to it. The printer type is a Dell AIO962 printer.

    I have heard mixed reports that this particular print server will NOT work with this particular printer. More specifically, I have heard that the WPS54GU2 won't work with ANY all-in-one printer. Does anyone know this to be TRUE or FALSE? If this is true and I wanted to keep my current wireless network security in place (WPA-PSK) but replace the print server. Does anyone know if the WPS54G (with the newer firmware load) would work with an all in one printer, or is this a limitation across the board with Linksys print servers? Or even with print servers and all-in-one devices in general?

    Thanks in advance for any information any of you might be able to offer.
  2. howardp6

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    The WPS54GU2 does not support WPA-PSK and it onl;y supports WEP. The WPS54G does support WPA-PSK TKIP, if you have one with the firmware version 6046, which was available on the new models. When wired it does not use the wireless interface. After making all the changes with the Bi-Admin utility, if you power down the WPS54GU2 and power it back up with the Ethernet cable disconnected, you should be able to establlish a wireless connection. Make certain that you place the printer on the correct port. There are two physical ports, the first is the parallel prot the second is the USB2 port. There are six logical ports that can be mapped to the two physical ports. They enable you tos set up the printer in landscape or portrait mode and for different paper sizes. The WPS54G only has a USB2 port. The WPS54G nor the WPS54GU2 supports all in one printers, the requirements are too complex. I do not know if this is true of the wired versions, you should check with Linksys, but I understand they are not forthcoming with a compatability list.
  3. westex_IT_guy

    westex_IT_guy Network Guru Member


    I appreciate the input. You have confirmed a number of things that I suspected and/or had heard were true about Linksys wireless print servers. My customer really wants to keep this particular AIO printer. In my effort to provide him what he wants, I am now curious to know if any wireless print servers will support these AIO devices or if we'll have to actually run it attached to PC acting as a print server instead.

    Thanks for you time and knowledge.
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