WR850GP, Vlans, and DD-WRT

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by CompGuy49, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Hi Everyone -

    I know this is a Linksys site, but I was hoping that if you you guys new a lot about DD-WRT, you still might be able to help me.

    So here's the issue:

    I have a WinXP Pro machine set up running Virtual Server 2005 R2. I'm in the process of configuring the server as a domain controller, a dhcp server (hopefully), a dns server, and an ISA server. I have two network adapters attached to these machines. I have a Motorola WR850GP router that has the DD-WRT v23 final firmare installed on it (and as far as I know, working properly). (FYI: I know that the virtual server and physical computer can talk to each other, so that is not the issue.)

    What I want to do is connect my cable modem (charter is my service provider) to the routers WAN port, allow the router to get an address, and then connect one of the network adapters on my server to port 1 on the router, and have it be able to access the internet. I want the other ports on the router, as well as the WLAN, to be able to access only that server (that's connected to port 1), and not the WAN. Basically what I want to set up is like this:

    | 2 PC's | (One WLAN, one Wired) -------->
    | Router | (Ports 2-4 or WLAN) -------->

    | ISA Server | (Internal range 10.0.x.x, External Range 192.168.x.x) ----------->

    | Router | (Port 1) --------->
    | Cable Modem | (WAN Port) --------->
    | ISP |​

    I hope that kind of helps you understand (please excuse my crude ascii drawings). I'm pretty sure this can be done, somehow, using vlans. One vlan I think should have IP range of -, and the other should have IP range - Or something like that. I guess I don't really know, since I'm making this post.

    Well...thanks a lot for your help. I hope someone replies to this.

    Thanks again,
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