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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by zaizuney, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. zaizuney

    zaizuney Network Guru Member

    is it possible to put 2 expanders after eachother?

    so, router -> expander -> expander?

    or if that doesn't work, is it possible to do

    -> expander
    -> expander

    or would this work?

    a wrt54g as router, a wrt54g as expander and one wre expander?
  2. amitroy5

    amitroy5 Network Guru Member

    You can keep expanding, doing ROUTER, WRE, WRE, WRE

    However, each time you add a WRE, you speed will be cut in half.

    For example, computers connected to your router will connect at 54mbps. Those connecting to the 1st WRE will connect @ 54mbps, but in reality, their speed will be cut in 1/2. So, it's maximum will be 27mbps. The 2nd WRE will be 13.5 mbps. And so on.
  3. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    because WREs work through WDS, does that mean that a bunch of WRTs running WDS in line with each other causes bandwith to be cut in 1/2 as it goes sown the line?
  4. DanielHolley

    DanielHolley Network Guru Member

    Hello, I have multiple WREs configured together. When you can keep them working together, they transfer rather fast. Ping times are uselly first ping 4+(2*#of repeaters) then next 3 pings are 3 + #of repeaters. This is just my experiance, I have a T1 and there is not much delay. BTW I run a WRT54G -> WRE54G -> WRE54G ->WRE54G ->WRT54G. My advice is not to use the setup cds, they are ment only when one WRE is used with a WRT. Go into the web interface and enter the mac address of the next device in line manually. Oh and the way I setup mine is the first two WREs point to the internet connection and the last WRE extends the range of the last WRT(e.g internet -> WRT <- WRE <- WRE WRE-> WRT) the two last WREs just repeat off of each other. This works, that is all that counts. BTW ( I am not saying that the bandwidth is not cut, but if bandwidth is a concern, you shouldnt be using wireless anyway :) ). Hope this helps, Daniel
  5. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    so u actually only have 3 hops from the last wrt54G to the first one, not 4. Interesting. Well, I plan to do a similar thing, but with all WRT54Gs, since they pack more punch and I can swap antennas with them ;)
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