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    Besides computers, I enjoy camping. We have a trailer that we get out in often. I like to have an internet connection when I can. A lot of campgrounds now have WiFi that is available. The problem is that this is a new concept to campgrounds and usually the coverage is weak.

    On trips that are a little longer and to places that don't have WiFi I am building a tripod setup with a spare DirecWay internet dish to use my home modem while camping.

    I'm looking for options to raise the signal in my camper of the campground WiFi signal when it is available. And when using my Satellite internet (DirecWay) having wireless access to it for my laptop.

    The questions:
    Do I get a WRT54GL and use it as a Repeater(WDS?) when using the campground WiFi to increase the signal in the camper. Then use it as normal when using the Satellite? Would it be a major pain to go from one mode to another? Could I use startup scripts?


    Get the WRE54G to get a better signal for the campground WiFi. and get a WRT54GL for use with my Satellite?

    Most times I would be in the WiFi mode and each trip would be in a particular mode. I wouldn't be WIFI one day and DirecWay the next. We will go camping for the weekend and stay at a WIFI park.

    From what I've read in the 3rd party forum to configure the WRT as a repeater I need to know the Mac addr and the SID of the gateway router. I would get this with a netstumbler scan as the campground staff probably has no clue.

    I hope I explained this so you can understand what I'm trying to do. I'm not trying to be cheap, but if I can do it with one piece of equipment instead of two then that one less thing to try to find a home for.

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