WRE54G Range Extender - Got it working MY GOD!!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Linkhead, Apr 11, 2006.

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    I've had this puppy for two years now without a problem. I've got the old Version 1 without an ethernet port.

    Two weeks ago my old WRT54G router blew up after 4 years of usage. I went out and bought a new WRT54GC since it was tiny, cheap and would fit into my Levitron home media box easily.

    Then the nightmare started. I couldn't get my WRE54G extender to work at all. After an hour of working on it and doing research I found out that the WRE54G was not compatible with the WRT54GC since the WRT54GC didn't support the WDS protocol. After more research I found out that all the new linksys wireless routers didn't support WDS either which baffled me. Even the Linksys support page said that the WRE54G was only supported by the WRT54G and WRT54GS.

    I didn't give up..

    After reading some more I found out that the latest firmware for the WRE54G supports Broadcom Universal Repeater Mode which doesn't use WDS. I'm just gonna skip all the trial and errors I went through.

    1. Download the latest WRE54G firmware. Version 1.06.05 for version 1. Version 2.01.122 if you have the version 2 extender which comes with an ethernet port.

    2. Download the latest setup wizard. You absolutely have to run the setup program from a wireless notebook or equivalent. A hard wired terminal won't work since you wireless router can't reach the wireless extender at this time.

    3. Disable WEP security and turn on your SSID broadcast on your router. Do the same on your notebook so your back on the same network.

    4. Hit the reset switch and hold it down like 10 seconds. You need a pin to do this.

    5. Run the setup program from your laptop and tell it to find and configure your extender. It should have the same SSID and frequency number as your regular network. I think it's important that you do this with your notebook really close to the extender.

    6. At this point things get really wierd. Your laptop is connected with the extender and somehow disconnected with your regular network. There's like two networks fighting over the notebook on the same frequency. Punch in to get into the config menu of the extender. Immediately upgrade the firmware to the latest version. Now you got Broadcom Universal Repeater support.

    7. Now you gotta put everything back together again.

    8. Hit the autoconfig button on the WRE54G and somehow it finds your regular network now. You can double check this by going to a wired terminal and punching in

    9. Change your admin password first and then SSID broadcast. Hit save.

    10. Change your WEP security and key last. You lose access to the WRE54G after doing this.

    11. Go back to your desktop and turn back on WEP, turn off SSID, etc.. to security your network router. Double check you WRE54G is still on the same network afterwards.

    12. Punch in the WEP security settings on your laptop to add it to the network. I had to reboot it afterwards since it was so confused..

    13. Unplug the WRE54G and replug it in your desired location.

    What a pain, but now I've got WIFI across all four stories in my loft..
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