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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by phonedaddy, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. phonedaddy

    phonedaddy Network Guru Member

    Having problem with the WRE54G LINK function with a WRT54GS running HyperWRT firmware. The repeater refuses to set the LINK light to blue and stays red. Speedbooster devices stay at 54Mbs when using the repeater. Have tried defaulting the repeater, resetting it, configuring it form a client machine, configuring it from the router, auto configuration switch on the repeater, Linksys CD configuration and manual configuration GUI. Anyone else experience this with the HyperWRT firmware? The WRE54G firmware is version 1.04 (Linksys OEM). The WRT54GS firmware is HyperWRT 2.0b2 for Speedbooster router.
  2. aps2000

    aps2000 Network Guru Member


    I had the same problem, upgraded firm from this site link. no more red light issues. I can email the extracted file to you.

  3. Stubal

    Stubal Guest

    Worked for me too!
  4. stevesal32

    stevesal32 Network Guru Member

    Any of you guys tried to put WEP encryption on the Expander? I have tried 3 times with no success. Put the key phrase in both WRT54G and WRE54G, get all blue lights, and no communication between the two.
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    There is later Firmware for the WRE54G there is 1.04.17, which supports WPA-PSK. You can download it from the Linksys Support Web site. Refresh you screen on the firmware down load screen. Sometimes the old web page is brought up. It does not transmit with speedbooster. I usually reset the repeater to the factory default setting and press the auto-configuration button with the router set to broadcast its SSID and with no encription. The repeater should start to blink blue on both LEDs. I then use the Web Interface by entering and chaging the setting and saving the changes. The MAC address of the router should be showing on the setup page. The SSID should be filled in along with the the channel and the mode. The last thing you should do is to change the encryption and save the setting. If you are using WEP only the first key is used. At that point save the setting and change the encryption on the router. The MAC address of the repeater must be in the list of computer allowed to access the router, if you ar using MAC address filtering. Just be aware the the repeater, negates MAC address filtering on the router, since it rebroadcasts the packes with its own MAC address. In addition your throughput will be also cut in half, since the Linksys repeater must receive and resend sent the packets and has only one radio,
  6. sportsfan949

    sportsfan949 Guest

    128 bit encryption works fine AFTER you update the WRE54g and WRT54g to the latest firmwares and reset everything when finished.
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