WRE54G suddenly don't work

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cipher1969, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. cipher1969

    cipher1969 Network Guru Member

    Hi all

    I just bought 5 days ago a WAP54G, a WET54G and a WRE54G and set it up and everything was working properly. Now suddendly the WRE54G Expander lost its connection. The two other devices still work properly but the WRE54G not. I tried to unplug and replug but doesn't helped. I tried to reset and unpluged for half an hour and it work fine for about 1 minute and lost the connection again. I did this a couple of time and reset unplug for 15 to 30 minutes repluged, worked fine and after a minute connection lost. The WAP54G and the WRE54G are in the same room near each other, about 2 meters or so for this procedur. I don't use any security settings. ( Firmware of WRE54G is v.1.05.08 )

    The link LED is blue constantly, not red and the activity LED is blue blinking once in a while.

    Anyone any ideas . . . ?

  2. cipher1969

    cipher1969 Network Guru Member

    I just found out, that the reset also don't work, because after the reset it still has my configuration stored and not the default factory settings.

    I use the reset button in the hole on the side of the Expander. You should Push and hold the button until you see the Link light turn steady red. But I can push and hold the buttom for minutes and no change from the LED . . . the link LED is blue constantly, turns never red and the activity LED is blue blinking once in a while.

    Could it be that the device is defect, but why should it suddenly goes out of order . . . this drives me crazy . . .

  3. cooldude7273

    cooldude7273 Network Guru Member

    The WRE54G is a big joke. I spent hours trying to get it work and it never did. I returned it and got bigger antanes instead.
  4. stanward

    stanward Network Guru Member

    I'm sorry to say that your WRE54G is broken. I spoke to technical support about my Expander and my Link LED is constant blue. Tech support says the LED was supposed to be constant red.

    However, I was able to configure my Expander even with a constant blue Link LED. Weird, works fine, just the LED refuses to glow red.

    Try re configuring your Expander. If that doesn't work, take it back.

    I made the big mistake on buying my Expander off of ebay to save some money. To me, it wasn't worth saving the money. I would want the flexibility of returning it to the store.


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