WRE54G Version 1 working with DD-WRT v23

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by afishe2000, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. afishe2000

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  2. sufrano63

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  3. afishe2000

    afishe2000 Network Guru Member

    Sorry about the confusion -

    The WRE54G is not running DD-WRT.

    But you can get the WRE54G to work using WDS if you use the original firmware (1.04) and not the updated version (1.06) and manually configure as explained in the included link.
  4. dbcch

    dbcch LI Guru Member

    The WRE54G actually will work with any router that supports Lazy WDS.

    An interesting note is that the WRT54G /w stock Linksys firmware actually supports Lazy WDS. Linksys had to add this to make it work with the WRE54G. It's always on and a configuration option isn't shown to the user.

    This means that the WRT54G /w stock Linksys firmware will work as a wireless repeater with another router that has full WDS support (allowing you to specify the WRT54G's MAC address).
  5. afishe2000

    afishe2000 Network Guru Member

    I tried to configure the WRE54G using firmware 1.06 and lazy WDS but could only get it to show up as a client.

    When I stepped back to firmware 1.04, I was able to manually input the MAC address of the access point in the WRE54G GUI and get it to work without lazy WDS.

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