WRE54G - WPA-support firmware for UK customers?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by LeeChee, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. LeeChee

    LeeChee Guest

    I know that the latest US firmware for the WRE54G v1 (1.06.05) supports WPA, but the latest UK one (1.05.08) does not.

    I have just bought a WRE54G v1 in the UK, and I can get the repeater to work fine with my BT Voyager 2091 Router if I have WPA disabled. But when I apply the US firmware, it stops working - even before trying to enable WPA. I have not tried WEP as this isn't an option for my network.

    I have been told that the 1.06.05 firmware is specific to the US product, and thats why it won't work with my piece of kit. Does anyone have any ideas when a UK firmware revision that supports WPA might be out? Linksys support couldn't give me any inidcation of a likely timeframe.

  2. toes

    toes Guest


    I talk yesterday with the linksys support and the told me that the are not making a new firmware including wpa on this moment. If you want option than its Wep. Maybe we can sent every week a mail to linksys and ask for it. I think it's not a big problem to make it when it already exist in the us firmware.

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