Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by astamps, Sep 13, 2005.

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    We are having trouble with the setup on this expander. It works fine with laptops running Win XP. However, some of our folks have laptops with Win ME (won't update for one reason or another).

    When we try to run setup disk on Laptops with ME, we get a Windows Blue Screen error message when we click "next" on the setup screen. This has happened with two different Laptops.

    Is there an issue with this expander with Win ME? If so we have a big problem as the expander was specificall for those with the ME laptops.

    Need some help please. Tech help on website not much help.


  2. howardp6

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    The WRE54G only needs to be setup once. Are you doing setups of mulitple WRE54G repeater, where there is only a Windows ME machine to set it up. Instead of using the setup CD, try using the auto-configuration and try finishing the setup with the Web client by pressing the auto-configuration button and waiting to see if the LED blink blue. Then start your browser and type in the default IP Address for the repeater of You should be prompted for the default password of "admin" without the quotes.

    If the auto configuation worked, the MAC address, of your Access Point, the SS-ID and channel should be filled in. You should change the passord for the repeater and save your setting. You should be prompted for the new password. Enable some sort of encryption. With Windows ME you can only use WEP unless you have some third party encryption. After you save the encryption the repeater will disconnect, since it does not match the encryption of the Access Point or the Wireless NIC in your laptop. Change the encryption on the Access point and save your setting and then do the Wireless NIC in your Laptop. Power down and power back up the repeater. If the LEDs on the repeater blink blue you are in business. You can configure the repeater from a Windows XP laptop and let the Windows ME machine connect to it. There is no drivers or software to be installed on the Windows ME machine. The downside to the repeater is that it cuts your bandwidth in half, since there is only one radio and it must receive and send the packets. It sends packets with its MAC address so forget about MAC address filtering.
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