WRK54G package drop problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rgreimel, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. rgreimel

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    I have a WRK54G (I assume version 1, as there is no version number) - which came as part of the WKPC54G-DE network kit - connected to a cable modem.
    The firmware version is 1.56.01

    When I ping the router ( from my computer there is no package loss. When I ping the routers IP address that it got assigned by DHCP from the cable modem then I get 20% package loss.

    I have tried to change the MTU as suggested in some thread but that didn't help. It changes the pattern of the dropped packages but does not really alter the percentage.

    I have tried to install the beta firmware WRK54GV1.1_v1.58.00_FCC_002_code.bin, which was rumoured to help in most cases even for v1, but that killed the wireless connection (couldn't connect under Windows or Linux) and made the package loss even worse.

    Does anybody have an idea what else to try ?
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