Wrong Firmware! (WRT54GS version on WRT54G)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Skillz, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Skillz

    Skillz Network Guru Member

    Well, I did something really stupid today, loaded the wrong firmware "v4.70.6_Hyperwrt-2.1b1-(Thibor)" (wrt54gs) on my WRT54G.

    Now I would like to get back to the proper firmware (tried the original "WRT54GV4.0_4.20.7_US_code.bin" and "HyperWRT's HyperWRT_2.1b1_G.bin" for my router, but I can't load anything. All I get is "Wrong Code Pattern" when I'm using TFTP.

    Is there ANY WAY to resolve this? Maybe flush the current .bin file from the router???
  2. pogiako

    pogiako Network Guru Member

    try going to ftp.linksys.com/pub/network
  3. Skillz

    Skillz Network Guru Member

    The link doesn't work?

    I loaded an older version of Thibor's HyperWRT on my WRT54G and then edited the original "WRT54GV4.0_4.20.7_US_code.bin" with notepad. I renamed the first word in the .bin file "W54G" to "W54S" and was able to upload the file to my WRT54G using TFTP.

    But it still says I'm using "v4.70.6_Hyperwrt-2.1b1-(Thibor)" firmware.

    Anymore suggestions?
  4. pogiako

    pogiako Network Guru Member

  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  6. habskilla

    habskilla Network Guru Member

    pogiako, that's a big drive with lots of files. Can you be more specific and say which file/s to look at?
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