WRT 54 G hotspot for Nintendo DS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MattLL, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. MattLL

    MattLL Network Guru Member

    Ok...................... Several people I know have the Nintendo DS....

    How would I configure a WRT 54 G for a WiFi hot spot for more than one DS at a time or just a general hot spot for friends and family with lap tops?

    I run the DD-WRT v23 FW on the WRT 54 G

    I also have a WRT 54 GS with the DD-WRT v23 that is my privat line for my stuff.
  2. crispycritter911

    crispycritter911 Network Guru Member

    You can create a hot spot or AP by enabling your wireless portion of your router. I would recommend that you set up a WEP encryption of 128bit. You will have to use the first key provided due to the limitations of the DS. Further more on advance wireless page I would change Authentication Type from Auto to "Shared Key". This will give you a basic setup for keeping your network secure. I would recommend that you also get the "MAC" addresses from the DS's and computers to apply to the MAC Filter page. This will also help protect your network from unauthorized access. Finally at the Advance wireless settings tab. Disable Wireless GUI Acess. This will prevent someone from accessing your Router via Internet Explorer or other Browser.

    Yes this is a pretty weak set up due to the fact that anyone can easily crack WEP now and days and spoof a MAC address. But this will keep the average Joe from trying to get a free ride with your broad band.

    One other note. Mario DS and I am sure other online games can "Transmit your network settings to other DS". SO if you have one DS setup. All you have to do is tell the other DS's to download via "DS Download Play"... HOWEVER.! IF YOU HAVE MAC FILTER ENABLED. YOU STILL HAVE TO SET THAT UP ON YOUR ROUTER FOR EACH DS. The caps wasn't yelling trying to prove a point... Cheers.

    PS... You can also go to McDonald's they are setting up WIFI for DS and othe wireless systems.

    PPS... You can also just plug the WiFi router in and default settings should let everyone and their mother online. I do not recommend it though.
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