WRT 54 GS v2 with Mac Powerbook G4 and airport extreme card

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by richc, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. richc

    richc Guest


    Connected wirelessly to my 54 but signal strength is awful - unless I am within 5 foot (line of sight) :cheerup: the signal disapears.

    1. What firmware should I install to boost the signal and
    2. is any of the choices available really better for Macs - single user only.
  2. e-razor

    e-razor Network Guru Member

    Before you take any drastic measures, consider this;

    Is this wireless experience typical for your Powerbook?

    Do you connect to your Powerbook in a rural area or in a densely populated urban area where you could expect to find numerous Wi-Fi networks and other devices and gadgets using the same frequency spectrum?

    Do you experience this problem 24/7, or particular times of day or particular days of the week?

    Did you try all the channels 1 - 11 (13)?

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