WRT-54G and Gaming Probs. Best Firmware For Me Please???

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Scroatdog, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Scroatdog

    Scroatdog Network Guru Member

    Hello all.

    I experienced the wireless dropouts with large file transfers. Eventually upgraded to the 4.50 one floating around with the high clock rate.

    I've got one hard-wired desktop and one wireless Shuttle. First off, either one or the other can get on WinMx, but not both. I've got the TCP and UDP ports selected for both IP addresses, so that's not the issue. I'd like WinMx to work on both, but if only one works, I can just xfer files via the shared files.

    The REAL issue is gaming. I play Joint Operations Typhoon Rising multiplayer. Seems like my connection is always horrible, with loads of lag and my player gets stuck all the time. Never did this before I had the router. I don't think any ports need to be open on this game, except if I were to play via LAN.

    Question: what is THE BEST firmware out there I can use, 3rd party or not, doesn't matter. I want something for my WRT-54G v2.2 that will WORK.

    I run Roadrunner, wireless security set to WPA TKIP.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Scroatdog

    Scroatdog Network Guru Member

    Doesn't anyone check this forum anymore???
  3. Scroatdog

    Scroatdog Network Guru Member

    BUMP :evil:
  4. Scroatdog

    Scroatdog Network Guru Member

    Someone PLEASE read this and help me!!!

    I can't play any ,ultiplayer games at all. I look up at the top left corner of the screen where a T represents Transmit and R represents Recieve, and the T flashes red intermittently.

    HELP ME!!!! SHould I just throw this router away and get a GOOD one?
  5. fizze

    fizze Network Guru Member

    first of all, tweak the transmission frame, and frame interval to lower values.
    set the link bandwitdth to a low, stable value.

    set up port knocking for the desired ports, and open up a huge range like 10000:40000, both UDP & TCP.

    if that doesnt do the trick, i have no clue.
  6. sloth

    sloth Guest

    I would try HyperWRT. Works best for me. I'm playing CS, Battlefield 2 and Joint Ops.
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