WRT150N and VPN Problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by steven.thomas, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. steven.thomas

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    Long story - somewhat short version. I had a WRT54G for my home network. It worked well for my 3 home computers, printer server and PS3. It also worked with my company VPN (fiberlink) so I was happy :) Then I bought 2 Xbox 360 Lives and was not able to get them to connect wirelessly (they did work when wired). I tried updated firmware but to no avail. I then decided to try a new router (the WRT150N). This worked great for the home computers, printer server, the PS3 and my 2 Xboxes but I lost my ability to get the VPN to work wirelessly (I can get it to work when wired). I have a version 1.1 and the most current firmware. I have tried lots of fixes (as suggested by Linksys technical support) but none have worked to date. On my own I daisy chained the WRT54G into the WRT150N and was able to get the VPN to work wirelessly by connecting to the WRT54G network. This is not optimal as I now am running 2 networks. I was told by Linksys technical support that the issue was being sent to engineering for review and that I would be recieving a call by 1/5/2008 from them. I have not heard anything to date :( Please help. PS - I am not really technical so if you could keep it simple I might be able to understand!!!
  2. steven.thomas

    steven.thomas LI Guru Member


    I am using VPN-1 SecureClient to connect not Fiberlink (I have Fiberlink just in case I want to dial in).
  3. steven.thomas

    steven.thomas LI Guru Member


    no response here or from Linksys technical support (they promised to call me 10 days ago).
  4. steven.thomas

    steven.thomas LI Guru Member

    Still no answers for WRT150N and VPN problem

    Corporate IT can not help. They believe it is in the architecture (they say somehow this latest router is using a newer architecture to also be able to take advantage of N). Linksys never called back as promised either. Any other suggestions? I would not recommend this router to anyone at this point.
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