WRT300n cannot ping other pc`s

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Aopen, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Aopen

    Aopen Network Guru Member

    I just got 2x WRT300n in the mail today (just waiting for a 3.part firmware :)

    I had WRT54GS in the network from before.

    One of the WRT300n is now set up like a gateway.

    The WRT54GS is set up in Client Brige mode.

    Some Computers are directly connected to the WRT300n and i got my main computer connected throu the WRT54GS.

    All the computers can now connect to internet, but i can not get any connection to any of the computers from any computer.


    Anyone that have a solution to my strange problem ??

    I have also tryed fideling with the Upnp with no good response.

    Also tryed turning of firewall and so on.....

    Btw i use DD-wrt on the WRT54GS box.

    It seems that when updating firmware to 2.00.11 the WRT turns on AP Isolation and that this is the reason for the blocking:p strange it is also set as default enabled :(
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