WRT300N: can't ping wifi client from another wifi client

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by denony, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. denony

    denony LI Guru Member

    Hello there, :wave:

    I’m from Europe; I’ve just bought the brand new WRT300N v2.0 (to replace my old WRT54GS v1.1). WRT300N is running firmware 2.0.11
    Tow wired clients and three wireless clients are connected to my WRT300N (2 Wifi. B and 1 Wifi. G) with WEP 64-bit encryption key. I use PPPoE for my Internet connection (Orange). All others settings are set to their default values.

    The network works fine and is very stable, but I have small issues.

    1. From a wireless client, I can’t access/ping other swireless clients (they are unreachable). :cry: The only wireless machine I can reach from the wireless clients is the WRT300N itself.
    The wired clients can access/ping the wireless clients successfully.
    I havent changed the security defaults settings (except WEP 64-bit). My WRT54GS v1.1 works flawlessly with that.

    PC0 ( . . . wireless . . . WRT300N ( -----wired----- PC2 (
    PC1 ( . . . wireless . . . . .

    From PC2 (wired to WRT300N)
    ping -- > OK (WRT300N)
    ping -- > OK (PC0-Wireless to WRT300N)
    ping -- > OK (PC1-Wireless to WRT300N)

    From PC0 (wireless to WRT300N)
    ping -- > OK (WRT300N)
    ping -- > OK (itself)
    ping -- > OK (PC2-wired to WRT300N)
    ping -- > Fail ! (PC1-Wireless to WRT300N)

    From PC1 (wireless to WRT300N)
    ping -- > OK (WRT300N)
    ping -- > OK (itself)
    ping -- > OK (PC2-wired to WRT300N)
    ping -- > Fail ! (PC0-Wireless to WRT300N)

    2. I own only Wifi B and G clients. According to the user manual I must set: Radio Band to Standard in Basic wireless setting. But when I do that, none of the clients can reach the WRT300N (I have tried several standard channels). I must set the Radio Band to Wide and it works. Do you know why ?

    Please help me (Point 1 is very important for me). :help:

    Thank you very much

    Have a nice day

    Best regards


    Edit : I have contacted the Linksys Live Chat Support… They asked me to change MTU, Fragmentation and RTS Threshold, Beacon Interval, Channel, … They asked to hard reset the WRT300N… But it still doesn't work.
    I’ve replaced the WRT300N by my old WRT54GS and all work fine now… May be the current WRT200N firmware is not 100% compatible with 802.11g and 802.11b.
  2. Aopen

    Aopen Network Guru Member

    Hi I had the same problem :p

    I seems that when updating firmware to 2.00.11 the AP Isolate is set to default enable, this makes you problem :p

    You have to go to Wireless advanced and sett this bake to disable, you will then be able to communicate betwine your clients :)
  3. denony

    denony LI Guru Member

    Thank you Aopen :cheer:

    My problem is fixed now :cheering:


    PS1: Can you wireless clients connect your WRT300N when Radio Band is set to Standard - 20 MHz Channel

    PS2: Is Radio Band setting Standard / Wide means MIMO is desable / enable ?

    PS3: Thank you again :thumbup:
  4. Aopen

    Aopen Network Guru Member

    PS1: Yes Both N/G/B can connect when set to 20 mhz band

    PS2: When using Wide you will get faster speed when using N client cards. you will then get up to 270 while only 130 or something like that when using 20mhz.

    The only diference is when setting up that you will not get 11-13 channels to couse betwine.
  5. denony

    denony LI Guru Member

    Thank you Aopen. :thumb:

    Rand Band = Standard is working now (I don’t understand why it is working now : I have only disable "AP Isolation").
    But now the bitrate is very very very poor in Standard mode I get 50 KByte/s !!!! :( (I have tried various channel) In Wide mode I get 2500 KByte/s


    Denony :

    PS1 : With my old WRT54GS I got 2100 kByte/s.

    PS2: These are the biterates between the router and my Wifi 802.11g (Atheros 5100X+ based) laptop.
  6. Aopen

    Aopen Network Guru Member

    kk just use wide band then :)

    The option is probably only set in case of trouble with wide band anyway so if you can use wide band its the best way to go :)
  7. denony

    denony LI Guru Member

    Fortunately the "Wide" band works for me ! :cheering: Because with the "Standard" one 8O :cry:

    Thanks again for you help . :thumb:
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