WRT300N can't ping wired client

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by garyhv, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. garyhv

    garyhv Guest

    I just got a wrt300n to replace a SMC router. There are 2 computers connected, a laptop (wireless w/wpc300 card) and a desktop (ethernet cable to wrt300n). Firmware version is 0.93.3.

    From the router, I can ping the laptop, but not the desktop. The desktop can ping the laptop, but the laptop cannot ping the desktop. Both computers can connect to internet.

    I've been on the phone with Linksys support for 3 hours. They finally decided there's something wrong with my computer and wouldn't do any more troubleshooting. This all worked with the SMC router.

    Both computers use Windows 2000 SP4.

    Hope someone can help before I have to take this thing back to BestBuy.
  2. Aopen

    Aopen Network Guru Member

    Try see if the AP isolation is enabled if so disable it :)
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