WRT300N v2: new firmware 2.00.13 (ETSI)

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Taomyn, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Taomyn

    Taomyn Network Guru Member

    Just spotted this on the UK website.

    Oddly there are two files and you appear to need to upload both. No idea why nor what it changes. Will try it later tonight if I'm feeling brave enough.

    Here's the useless release history for it:

    Linksys, A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Product: WRT300N (v2 silver casing)

    Classification: Firmware Release History

    Release Date: 17-07-2006

    Firmware Version: 2.00.13 (ETSI)

    Firmware upgrade for all previously released versions

    - To upgrade from previous firmware versions
    1) Upgrade using firmware: wrt300n.bin
    2) Upgrade using firmware: New_2.00.13_wrt300n.bin

    General Notes:
    - This firmware is only for usage in Europe
    - Disconnect all wireless clients from the router during
    the upgrade process. Make sure no wireless clients
    attempt to associate with the router until the upgrade
    process is complete.
  2. Taomyn

    Taomyn Network Guru Member

    Ok so I braved it and wondered at one point if I'd made a big mistake - I still think that.

    I upgraded as per step 1) and after the uploader said it was rebooting, nothing happened. My pc could no longer get an IP nor could I access the web interface. Oh no....

    Fortunately a manual IP on my pc confirmed the WRT300N was still alive and I could still access the Internet but no DHCP or web interface. So I switched it off and back on and all seemed well again except that the wireless light was not on. Perhaps that's what the second file is for I thought so I started to upload that one (the web interface said the first file had updated to .13)

    The second file uploaded and rebooted the WRT300N as normal and both DHCP and the web interface came back first time still on .13 though - phew. However the wireless light still hasn't come back on - I know it's not blown as it illuminates during the start up. DOH!!!

    I haven't noticed any difference yet, my PocketPC based phone still won't connect no sense (which is why I wanted to try it) so I don't know what they've updated.

    I've fired an e-mail at Linksys UK to see what they have to say - watch this space......
  3. Taomyn

    Taomyn Network Guru Member

    Well Linksys asked me to factory default the router and to try again - they didn't question the procedure of the 2 files so I still assume you have to apply both.

    Anyway, it made no difference and have reported it. I also asked them for a copy of the previous firmware, 2.0.11, but they have no link and are asking the beta team(!?!) If anyone else has a copy, can they put a link to it somewhere?

    Ho hum....
  4. adambcohen

    adambcohen Network Guru Member

    Just read over your post. I have just purchased the wrt300n. Really thought it would be an upgrade from the wrt54g. However, my biggest disappointment is the fact that it will not work with the wrt54g. With that being said what is your opinion of the wrt300n.
    Adam Cohen
  5. Taomyn

    Taomyn Network Guru Member

    I really like the box so far, but then I did have a Netgear WG603v3 before that and I was really hesitant to get rid of it at first was because it supported simultaneous WPA2 & WPA authentication (something that other manufacturers should start considering). I ditched it because a) I have 3 boxes to connect to my Cable instead of 2 now and b) I could not get my PSP or DLINK + PS2 to work with it when in WPA2+WPA mode (they would just loop whereas everything else was fine) and Netgear support for nearly 6 months just gave me the runaround.

    So I'm back to just WPA now and everything connects - I know I could have stuck to the Netgear, but I needed something for another location and I am possibly going to need the range of "N" in the near future. Plus it's another new gadget ;-)

    I just hope the firmware modders grab this one quickly and start offering us better options, which is probably what you'd need for the WRT54G to connect.
  6. WSkids97

    WSkids97 LI Guru Member

    I have the WRT300n and a WRT54GS in client bridge mode and it works perfect. The SRX400 I had before gave me the range but couldn't use the bridge function cause Airgo sux.
  7. Taomyn

    Taomyn Network Guru Member

    The saga continues...

    After a few more e-mails and the pen-ultimate one saying that they reckoned my router was broken and to return it:

    > Thank you once again for contacting Linksys Technical Support.
    > Since all the troubleshooting on the previous email don't help, the
    > wireless LED on the router might be busted now. I regret to inform you that
    > we also have no available copy of the previous firmware version (2.00.11)
    > that you are requesting. If you wish to replace this router, please return
    > it first to the retail store where you bought it. If it is out of the store
    > warranty, kindly email me the following:
    > 1. When did you purchase the router?
    > 2. Where did you purchase the router? (Country and name of the store)
    > 3. Do you still have the receipt?
    > If you have any further questions, feel free to visit our knowledge base
    > at http://www.linksys.com/kb or send us an e-mail at
    > support@linksys.comso that we can assist you. Once you get to the
    > Knowledge Base section,
    > either type in the Answer ID or the keywords under Search Text and click
    > Search.
    > Thank you and have a nice day.
    > Sincerely,
    > Nancy C. De Leon
    > Badge ID 12961
    > Linksys - A Division Of Cisco System, Inc.

    I gave them the following response:

    > No, the LED is not "busted" as it lights up and flashes during the first
    > startup of the device, it just goes out once it has finished.
    > I bought the router on-line from a UK supplieer, so unless you are willing
    > to foot the cost of posting the unit back from Luxembourg where I am
    > currently based, to the UK then I suggest you look harder for the previous
    > firmware and then hope it fixes the problem. I find it hard to believe that
    > you do not have backups of previous files - you're not exactly a small
    > company? Even I can recover files going back 6 months!!!
    > Also, I would prefer my call to be passed up to a 2nd/3rd line support
    > person who might actually be able to help,

    Low and behold within the hour they came back with:

    > Thank you once again for contacting Linksys Technical Support.
    > We really apologize for the late update. Please disregard my previous email
    > with regard to the replacement of the router because we have just
    > received a follow up and our Product Engineers were able to replicate the
    > case where in the wireless light turns off after the firmware upgrade. We
    > were also able to get a copy of the previous firmware version of the router.
    > Please see the attached file for the firmware.
    > We would appreciate if you will let us know the result of the downgrade.
    > Please email us the following as well:
    > 1. Country
    > 2. Phone number
    > Thank you and have a nice day.

    I have replied with:

    > Hooray, that's good news - always is when you can finally replicate the
    > problem. I know how frustrating that can be.
    > I will try the downgrade tonight (around 18:00 CET) and e-mail you the
    > moment I know what happens (or not if the downgrade prevent me getting
    > on-line again - lol),
    > Thanks for the continued help and I apologise if I came across a bit "sharp"
    > in my previous e-mail (hadn't had my first coffee of the day),

    Will update this once I have tried the above.......
  8. TextEx2

    TextEx2 LI Guru Member

  9. Taomyn

    Taomyn Network Guru Member

  10. Edwe

    Edwe Network Guru Member


    Is there somewere I can get a copy of the original 2.0.11 firmware?

  11. Psychotic

    Psychotic LI Guru Member

    I have the same problem as the original poster. Is it possible to get the 2.0.11 firmware without going through all the hustle of contacting Linksys?
  12. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    pmsl, so basically you want me to do it instead?
  13. Psychotic

    Psychotic LI Guru Member

    Not really. I just assumed that someone would have the firmware and could upload it somewhere. If no one has it then I'll contact Linksys and ask for it.

    p.s. what does pmsl stand for?
  14. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    i will have it later, inclduing 2.00.14 (EU)
  15. Intratech

    Intratech LI Guru Member

    I have the same problem and after upgrading the firmware to 2.00.13 I experience slowdown on my wired lan clients when transferring files. I have spoken to the live support people and they couldn't suggest a fix. I asked for a downgraded firmware, version 2.00.11 or an upgraded one 2.00.14 but they refused saying they didn't have either firmware versions available. Now I'm stuck with a router that's only good for accessing the internet until I can manage to get a different firmware version to fix these issues. The router was working fine with 2.00.11. :(
  16. cagor

    cagor Network Guru Member

    same here now ... I used to be a huge fan of linksys, but lately i realy start to doubt what device i should sell my customers

    PS i have the 2.00.14 firmware, anywhere i can upload it ?
  17. Intratech

    Intratech LI Guru Member

    And thanks in advance if you do upload it.
  18. Intratech

    Intratech LI Guru Member

    LinkSys replied to my e-mail about the two issues I had with the WRT300N V2 and supplied firmware 2.00.14. I applied the upgrade and now both issues are resolved. The switch works brilliantly now, my transfer rates are back up to speed, and the wireless LED is working again. Kudos to their tech support.
  19. Linkyguy

    Linkyguy Network Guru Member

    Why would you want to try chatting online with Linksys - so you could get a moronic, wrong answer faster?
  20. rojanu

    rojanu Guest

    Has any got a link to the 2.00.14 yet
  21. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    v2.0.14 has been on our download for some time now.
  22. Paul Claessen

    Paul Claessen LI Guru Member

    Since it requires 2.00.13, could you put 2.00.13 there too?

    Much appreciated!

    Kind Regards,
    Paul Claessen
  23. deelem

    deelem Guest

    2.00.13 is available through the Linksys website

  24. mercuryrich

    mercuryrich Guest

    I recently purchased wrt300N v2 (grey model) and everything seemed fine until I tried updating firmware to 2.013. Although it worked and there were 2 files to upgrade I just cjose one and hoped for the best. The one labelled "new" stalled during the upgrade, so i reset router and tried upgrading to other 2.0.13 file that worked ok, only that my download speeds seem to decrease on wired and wirless and also my wireless light switched off on router. So i came across a post by Toxic, that mentioned about an upgrade to 2.0.14
    which is available in the download section and low and behold it seemed to resolve all my issues.
    So those of you having similar issues may want to try that upgrade.
  25. Dutchman01

    Dutchman01 LI Guru Member

    i did install 2.00.13 without problems speed is great.

    firmware 2.00.14beta did drop down my internet connection to much lower speed over lan poorts.

    went back to 2.00.13 works great.
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