WRT300N v2 - Very slow speed and frequent disconnections

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by innovative, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. innovative

    innovative LI Guru Member


    Perhaps someone can help me. I tried the Linksys Chat Support and Phone Support for this problem but nothing helped. I have a WRT300N v2 router and 3 WMP300N v2 wireless adapters. The router and the computers are located in the same room. I installed the latest adapter drivers, the router has the latest firmware (I even tried a beta one!), and I also replaced the router yesterday. Nothing changed. Things go like this.

    1. In Windows XP the maximum transfer speed between two computers is varying between 1 MBit/s and 30 MBit/s.

    2. In Windows Vista the speed goes as high as 90 Mbit/s.

    3. In Windows Vista each time I try to transfer a large file (like a CD ISO image!) the router stops working. I have to unplug it from the power source and reconnect it again (the router reset button has no effect).

    4. If I set the router to work on the 20 Mhz band only (G standard) the connection is much slower than a normal G. The only way to obtain a working G-speed connection is when I create an ad-hoc connection between two WMP300N adapters. A G connection going through the router goes as high as 10 MBit/s while an ad-hoc connection works at 54-57 MBit/s (the normal G speed!).

    I tried all possible router tweaks: security enabled / disabled, MTU change, fragmentation, RTS, all channel combinations, etc. No results.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. jhowarth

    jhowarth Network Guru Member

    Have you tried setting Radio Band to Standard 20 MHz channels and an explicit channel for the Standard Channel? I know on the WRT-150N, the default mode of the router which has Radio Band, Wide Channel and Standard Channel all set to Auto can be very problematic. Linksys tech support admitted as much as well.
  3. innovative

    innovative LI Guru Member

    I tried something different. I created an adhoc network between two wireless adapters. It all worked great (54-57 mbps), the maximum speed for adhoc connections. Then I set the readio band to the Standard 20 MHz and connected the two computers throught the router. The speed slowed down to ~52 mbps, which is still acceptable. Then I set the radio band to Wide 40 MHz and the speed increased to maximum of 140 - 150 mbps. Anyway - far from the advertised 300 mbps.

    The disconnection problem always remains the same: when I transfer a large file (a CD ISO image for example) all my clients get disconnected and I have to unplug the router in order to make it work again.

    Anything else I can try?
  4. blades78

    blades78 LI Guru Member

    When you connect WMP300N in adhoc mode what is the link speed? When i try to connect in adhoc mode the link speed is only 54Mbps with Wireless Zero Config then with the linksys control panel is impossible to set adhoc mode but only infrastucture. How do you set adhoc mode?
    I have two WMP300n V2.
    When i connect the two WMP300N v2 with wrt300n v2 the link speed is 300 Mbps but the maximum throughput i have reached generatig traffic with RAW Socket is 93-94 Mbps. I generate traffic with a notebook with ethernet connection linked to the router and receive with wireless
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