wrt300n, worth buying? any good?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by roise_r, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. roise_r

    roise_r LI Guru Member

    hello, i have a question that is not welcome in most forums. if u decide u can guide me to an 'one to one' compare web page, where i can do my own decisions which one to buy.

    i have a house two stories high with lots of rooms, which means lots of brick walls, and a semi-large backyard which i would like to cover it all. there is also the house next door, which if possible i would like to cover that also. i read a lot about both - the new 300n and not so new 54GX, but the different opinions on this, confused me a little and therefore here i am asking, which one is better after all, the 54gx or the new and awesome 300n. I have the following worry, i dont need speed, but i need range, i need lots of range... i need range and stability at the same time. should i buy the 300n and put a lot of money on an extra PCMCI card,(here in bulgaria cost around 120$ alone only the card) or should i buy GX and put less money on SRX PCMCI card...(30$ - i can get it on discount) don't let me fool u by talking about money... i dont care as long as i know that i have the greatest range i could have ...AND stability :). the price of both routers here in bulgaria defers 5$, so i didnt buy the 300n yet, because of some reviews i read, saying that actually the 54GX performance exceeds 300n's and it is truly better if no attention is paid to the new N technology... and also read that 300n doesn't work well with G & B devices at all, only N unleashes its fury, while the 54GX is a proven piece of equipment... 10x in advance

    P.S. forgot to ask if any of them has the WDS or potentially has it... by upgrading with firmware...
  2. Pinchy

    Pinchy Network Guru Member

    I pulled my 300N out of service and put my SRX400 back in place. If you are using the 300N with all N devices, the range and speed seems great. But if you have a mixed environment with some G devices, the range is worse than the SRX400 by a long shot. And both were running current firmware....

    All my wireless G devices are either WUSB54G (not great for range, but they work for old '98 machines), WMP54GX4, WMP54GS, and some of the craptacular WRE54G to get the signal just a little further. DId I mention that the WRE54G sucks? LOL

    Good luck, I hope this helps a little anyway!
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