WRT300Nv1 Impressions & Prognostications

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by eric_stewart, Aug 7, 2006.

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    I see that the WRT300N version 2 (Europe only) version of this Pre-N router has been getting a lot of press in this forum lately. Us North Americans shouldn't be feeling too badly about not getting the version 2 since the only difference is that it uses the Atheros chipset and an Intel processor vs. Broadcom chipset and a Broadcom 267MHz processor on the version 1 model.

    Contrary to popular belief, v2 isn't so much better as it is different (but incrementally) than the v1 box. Oh, and it's silver and black instead of purple and black. The clear advantage of the v1 box is that it is Broadcom based and there is already a growing amount of 3rd party firmware in various states of development for it. Sveasoft (pretty much complete in Talisman 1.2x RC3) and DD-WRT (lacking MIMO support) are two flavours that I have (or will have) experimented with.

    FWIW, I've had the WRT300Nv1 for 3 days now and am very well pleased with it. I have experimented with DD-WRT v24 on it (the generic .bin supports this box) and can say that it was a lot of fun, but doesn't yet support MIMO. When it supports MIMO, I'll flash it to DD-WRT again...I'm now back to the standard Linksys firmware for now. I've also resubscribed to Sveasoft for the purpose of loading James' firmware to the box. I've already read some positive threads about the firmware from posters on the subscriber-only forums at Sveasoft, so am pumped about trying it out. Sveasoft already supports MIMO and Wireless-N so it should be neat.

    With the Linksys firmware, the GUI loads very quickly on this box. I really like the granularity of control for QoS rules as well as for Internet Access Restrictions. Also, the separate logs (though no syslog capability...darn!) are much appreciated. Linksys has also added the ability to create reserved DHCP address assignments. There is quite a variety of tunable wireless stuff on the box though regrettably it doesn't support multiple SSIDs or WDS. Those are among the features that make 3rd party firmware so attractive.

    I like the fact that Linksys has stuck with the purple colour (boy, does that *ever* sound geeky!) that has made their products so distinctive. Being Broadcom based, it is compatible with a *bunch* of Linksys' other Wireless-B and -G products including, I suspect, Speed Booster. The box has a generous amount of RAM & Flash at 32MB & 32MB respectively.

    Brainslayer (DD-WRT developer) has indicated that he will release a firmware that supports MIMO shortly, though support for the WRT300N *v2* is something that you shouldn't hold your breath for since Atheros has not released their driver source code yet.

    When the new firmware arrives I will install it and post results here with links to the DD-WRT forum and Sveasoft forum to prevent cross-posting.


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