WRT310N 1.0.06 build 1 (Released 15-Oct-2008)

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    1.0.06 build 1

    Linksys by Cisco

    Release Date : October 15, 2008
    Current Firmware : 1.0.06 build 1
    Product PartNo : WRT310N

    1. Updated wireless driver v4.151.10.24
    - various bug fixes and data path optimizations
    - Updated Wi-Fi protected Setup
    2. Updated Firmware MD5 value (checksum) on GUI: Status >> Router
    3. updated Reboot button on GUI: Administrator >> Diagnostics
    4. Fixed Router does not respond, if LCP field is 0xc023
    and MTU field is 1500.
    5. Fixed Port-Base and Ethernet Port QoS priority.
    6. Fixed MAC address/Voice Device QoS priority.
    7. Fixed If the received Next Hop is subnet broadcast, it should be treated as
    8. Fixed Subnet mask with value of zero ( and Class A, B, and C address.
    9. Fixed Verify that the router properly learns and advertises route tags.
    10. Fixed The route can continue to advertised due to split horizon on LAN side
    11. Fixed TZO 24HR test has packet loss.
    12. Fixed gray out on GUI daylight field.
    13. Fixed DHCP Client on LAN will get the incorrect DNS server information from the DHCP server.
    14. Fixed After new Internet IP received, the router does not send NTP request again to
    public NTP server.
    15. Fixed Verified that the IP address fields and format is correct.
    16. Fixed DHCP IP Subnet Automation Calculate works not properly (pic5,pic7,pic13).
    17. Fixed Selected clients that user want to reserved from DHCP Tables is able to works not properly.
    18. Fixed message headers for incoming NTP response.
    19. Fixed an issue in some situations where the router cannot ping to the L2TP server.
    20. Fixed https using IE7.0
    21. Fixed Firefox2.0 Browser using the help pages missing Logo.
    22. Fixed Invalid DHCP Messages.
    23. Fixed Nonzero flags in DHCPRELEASE.
    24. Fixed remote manage through https.
    25. Fixed router is able to recognize Server response codes.
    26. Fixed DUT behind NAT.
    27. Fixed DHCP IP Subnet Automation Calculate.
    28. Fixed Blocking anonymous Internet Requests and Filter IDENT not receiving TCP RST.
    29. Fixed router sending L2TP Hello message every 60 seconds.
    30. Fixed router will not initiate Wi-fi protected setup process by pressing physical button if WEP or
    WPA/WPA2 Enterprise or Radius was enabled.
    31. Fixed The final EAP-Failure packet sent by Registrar has an invalid EAP packet Identifier.
    32. Fixed L2TP keep-alive timer Issue.
    33. Fixed router rebooting when NAT is disabled and saved.
    34. Fixed router rebooting when disabled Internet Access Priority and saved.
    35. Fixed router forwarding a new route with wrong tag.
    36. Fixed LELA unexpected reply from the router for wireless settings.
    37. Fixed LELA Http service under some circumstances causes the router to crash.
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