WRT310N -> Actiontec MI424 (Verizon) Router -> Internet?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mookie2112, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. mookie2112

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    I recently had Verizon FIOS installed. I want to bypass the wireless on the Actiontec MI424 (Verizon) router and use it as wired only.

    I want to use my Linksys WRT310N as my wireless access point.

    My question is how I "connect" (physically and logically) the 2 routers together?

    1) Do I connect WAN port on the linksys router to the WAN port on the Actiontec router? Or, should I use one of the 1-4 ethernet ports?

    2) How do I (logically) connect the sub-nets? I think I'd want to call the linksys side and the Verizon side

    Do I set up the Linksys as static IP?

    Do I have to *explicitly* set up a route in the routing table of the Linksys? Likewise, do I have to set up an analogous route on the Actiontec router?

    I assume I have to turn off NAT on the Linksys? What about dynamic routing? I guess if I leave dynamic routing ON, I don't have to set up an explicit route to the Actiontec?

    Also, who should do DHCP? I assume the Actiontec should do DHCP?


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