WRT310N or WRT110N?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Mizzou_RobMan, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Mizzou_RobMan

    Mizzou_RobMan Addicted to LI Member

    I am wanting to replace my WRT54G with a WRT310N or WRT110N. Besides the 1 Gib ports and increased cooling what else do I gain with the WRT310N over the WRT110N?

    I had a used WRT350N and HATE IT. :thumbdown: I want to connect my PS3 wireless but was wondering if anyone had any issues with the PS3 and either WRT310N or WRT110N?
  2. shamelin

    shamelin LI Guru Member

    I am using the WRT310 with the 1.00.4 firmware. I also have a PS3 and I have not had any issues. I have not even had to use the port fowarding. This router is rock solid. I however had to turn the wirless N option off because there was an issue with my iPhone but thats with the iPhone not the router.

    I would say that you would make a good choice to get the WRT310. I think the 110 and the 310 are the same other then gigabit wired conection. I have a gigabit NAS and wanted the speed.

    Out of the three months that I have had it I have had to reboot it once. I couldnt get an IP from Comcast and not sure if it was the cable modem or the router. here is one of my recent speedtest.net scores.

  3. wfodave

    wfodave Guest

    I just bought a WRT310N for use with my PS3 and I cannot get WMP11 media sharing to start. I am hard wired from my PC to the router and from the PS3 as well. Are there any settings I need to change in the router? TIA

  4. GoodMarley

    GoodMarley Guest

    New to Linksys WRT310N

    I just installed a wrt310n and put a wireless-N USB adapter in a wireless workstation. The download speed from Roadrunner to the wired ws is 22MB but the wireless ws only pulls 6MB. I've tried various permutations of the config and it stays the same regardless. Any ideas?
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