WRT350N issue with VPN Software

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by JPBOSS, Feb 17, 2007.


    JPBOSS LI Guru Member

    I purchased a WRT350N a few weeks ago. Everthing seemed fine at first. I work from home so I utilize VPN back into my corporate network. I've noticed the past few days that I have had to start power-cycling my WRT350N every day to get my VPN client to fully connect. My VPN client connects but it doesn't do a full handshake and configure itself when the problem starts. If I power-cycle the 350N and try re-establishing the VPN the full handshake works and the client configures the IP stack correctly/fully. I am figuring it is something in the SPI Firewall engine of the WRT350N. I had the exact same problem when I upgraded to the RVS4000 late last year, however it would not work at all. I don't believe anything short of a new Firmware from Linksys would fix this. Any ideas as to when a new FW release from Linksys on this product may occur? It's a pain in the ass to pay $200.00 for a new latest and greatest router that is not as stable as an old WRT54gs workhorse. I am about ready to put it back in place and mothball the 350N until Linksys puts out a new FW for it.

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    Obvious question: Do you have VPN passthrough radio button checked for IPSec.? (I'm assuming this is an IPSec VPN client). The reason that power cycling your router solves the issue (at least temporarily) is that the SPI/IP address mapping table is cleared when you do this. This is how the device manages multiple IPSec VPNs simultaneously.

    The other possible solution is to reset your device to defaults and reconfigure it. It's possible that the VPN feature isn't allowing itself to be toggled and the setting has become sticky.

    I don't doubt that you've had this issue with other devices (as you said), but this particular ALG (application layer gateway) has been included in the underlying Linux code for a long time and I'd be surprised if Linksys found a way to screw it up.


    JPBOSS LI Guru Member

    Yes, Eric it is definitely checked. Don't assume that just because this has been included long ago that it's not screwed up now in the new product. I don't want to come off as arrogant here so don't tak this the wrong way. As I stated in my initial message concerning the RVS4000 which was a new product that Linksys totally broke this feature and I had to end up returning it because it would not function and allow me to work from home. It seems as if this is a very little used feature and it get's overlooked on nearly every new product that get's launched until about the 3rd revision of the Firmware. How this happens on every new product that Linksys releases just flaberghasts me. Granted, it does work on this WRT350N but it's not stable like the WRT54GS v. 5&6, WRT54G v5, etc.

    I wonder if Viper can see if there is beta Firmware for this model yet?

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