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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by metal monkey, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. metal monkey

    metal monkey LI Guru Member

    Ok So Ive had the WRT350N since early december and everything seems fine except for one or two minor details.

    Firstly i want to see if anyone has any ideas about my problem with the media server. Im using a philips SL400i media link for a Upnp adaptor. Now the standard Philips software works fine with the adapter playing all the video formats (divx, xvid etc). now if i enable the WRT350N's media server and have it scan for media on the storage link everything seems fine. The SL400i detects the linksys upnp server and lists all of the files present. But when choosing to play them the only ones that work are mpegs none of the avis that i have seem to work. is anybody else experienceing similar problems with other upnp media adapters or any body got any ideas how to work it out.

    The other problems are a minor annoyance, the wireless seems to occasionally loose signal completely when operating in mixed mode, once it is changed it operates fine, and if the router ever looses power from the mains(Power cut or unplug) when restarted whilst everything appears fine the internet cannot be accesed from any devices, despite the fact that the router can access the internet it refuses all devices internet access until a factory reset is done. any help on these problems is greatly appreciated
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