wrt350n Piece of JUNK

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jerweber72, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. jerweber72

    jerweber72 LI Guru Member

    No go on this router. Dropped connections, slow speeds and no resolutions.

    I tried third party firmware, changing encryption etc.. etc.. Still dropping. Dell XPS Windows xpSP2 box, Sony Vaio xpSP2 laptop, Mac g5 box,Intel MacBook Pro. Terrible speed as well. Even on the N MacBook

    No go. Switched back to old router. Now I have a $200 spaceship sitting on the bookshelf.

    Linksys help. I have read dozens of posts with users having the same issues.

    Hopefully new firmware soon.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    have you asked Linksys to see if they have an beta firmware available?
  3. jerweber72

    jerweber72 LI Guru Member

    No.. Should I call them, or would I ask someone here?
  4. Gripweed

    Gripweed LI Guru Member

    I wouldn't say it was a piece of junk but I am quite disappointed that Linksys hasn't come out with an updated firmware by now for this top of the line router. The main problem I've been having is with the USB drive feature. It will lock up at least once a day and only a hard drive and router reboot will fix it. I never had a problem with the drive when it was hooked directly to my computer (which it is now again since I find it so unreliable with the WRT350N). I'm quite happy with the 1gig Ethernet and no real problems with the wireless (just using it as Wireless-G though as I'm waiting for a finalized N spec approval).

    Just curious, what "third party firmware" did you try? I wasn't aware that anyone had come out with one for the 350N yet.
  5. jerweber72

    jerweber72 LI Guru Member

    dd-wrt firmware.

    I have read a lot about USB issues, but really didn't have the chance to hook a drive in yet. I was dealing with the dropped connections, which many others have reported, in addition to the similar drive problems you are having. The dd-wrt firmware doesn't support the USB drive feature yet, so it may not be what you are looking for.

    I have a mixed network with a MacBook Pro (N), a Sony Vaio (G), a Dell XPS 710 (G), a Mac G5 hooked directly to the router and a Dell Dimension laptop (G). I have used just G, mixed and just N (with the MacBook Pro), and they all drop, most notably with heavy bandwith usage, although without much usage either. The G5 works just fine wired into the router.

    I switched encryption from WEP to WPA2 AES/TKIP and at least didn't have two of the computers crash when I lost connections.

    As I have been doing some serious research (hours worth), and have ran into dozens of people having the same difficulties as yourself, those who basically bought the router because of the USB feature (as did I). I have also read identical reports of people having the same dropped conections AND crappy signals as myself. With the 1 to 2 hour intervals of internet uptime I did some speed comparisons to my old WRT54GS which is what is running, and I might add flawlessly with strong signals, right now. I have seen at least a loss of 20% signal strength in all modes, all channels and both bands (not just on automatic) versus the old router despite the the 3 attenae. File transfers rates are also siginificantly slower from one server to another versus the WRT54GS. In fact they hang, that is until connections completely drop.

    So, unfortunately, I can only conclude that as of this time, until there is a new firmware version or it is determined that it is a hardware issue and Linksys releases the Version 2 of the router (that I will have to shell out more $$$ for), it essentially is a piece of JUNK. Sadly, I am not the only one in this camp.

    Like a true junkie, I read many of the caveat negative reviews before I purchased the thing knowing that Linksys hadn't released a Version 2 yet, thinking that I could get it working properly and have some fun doing so. So who is truly to blame but my stubborn self. A business write off anyhow and, as it has been for me over the years, another exercise in futility, so far.

    However, like a true sport, I am not returning the product as I do have hope that one day this spaceship looking thing will enter orbit.

    Good luck.
  6. jerweber72

    jerweber72 LI Guru Member

  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I suggest you read this: About Us

    we do have linksys staff lurking here (anonymously) but for issues that may need a fix you should contact Linksys tech support or their Live Chat.
  8. The Plague

    The Plague LI Guru Member

    this is intresting stuff ...
    i have been looking for a new N router as i currenly have a netgear rangemax ( N ) router ....and the funny thing is im haveing the same problem as you report here, even more funny , the netgear support forums is just like here people all saying they have the same problem ......

    I wonder if this is something with the N wireless and not related to a device ..

    im gona go look at the dlink one now to see if they have the same reports ..LOL
  9. jerweber72

    jerweber72 LI Guru Member

    that is pretty much what i have concluded. until the standard is approved and the firmware upgraded, the router will remain in the box!
  10. jerweber72

    jerweber72 LI Guru Member

    I have read a lot of good things on apples N basestation. I think i'm going to pick one up tomorrow and give it a whirl....
  11. The Plague

    The Plague LI Guru Member

    Dlink also has problems

    Turns out that Dlink also has major problesm with thier N ( extream ) wireless router series too...same as everyone else..constant wireless drops ..i did do some reading on the Belkin one but not much out there maybe because they dont sell as much ?? im not sure

    let me know what you think of the apple one. i did read about it abit not much was said on it..although i dont think the say it can get 300 speeds..
  12. jrx859

    jrx859 Guest

    Well right now guys, you have to remember that all the N routers out there are Draft N. So right no there will be problems. If you do the proper tweaking to the router and have all your wireless units on draft N adapters you will have better luck. Also I am using the dd-wrt SP3 beta v3/23/07 atm and it is working great! I went to the beta SP4 and had alot of issues with my router, dropping signals, bad transfer rates between my server and other lan units. I went back to the SP3 beta v3/23/07 and now everything is working fine. Jew you have to remember the guys at DD-WRT are still working on getting a final SP4 out for the WRT350N/300N so you will have problems right now with any firmware that you get, maybe except from linksys but I doubt that. Also there are issues with the usb port on the router, i just dont use it. Just give it a chance, keep your linksys wrt-350n router because the version 2 is about to come out and it is going to be using a different chip. The version1 will be hard to fine just like the WRT54G v1-4. Just give it a little time.
  13. lostinfaith

    lostinfaith LI Guru Member

    So as we see linksys has no idea how to fix there own stuff...when they couldnt get it to work, they just stopped talking...sad, so sad...

    So can some one tell me how to hook up the usb device, I have all the settings wide open on the drive, now it is "detectable" via upnp but not accessable

    Maria U. (24652):Hi, my name is Maria U. (24652). How may I help you?
    You: I am having difficulty with my router
    You: I have the WRT350N
    You: I cannot seem to find the usb storage device on my network
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    Maria U. (24652): Is this the first time you are using the router?
    You: yes just recieved yesterday
    You: everything else appears fine
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    Maria U. (24652): Do you know how to access the router's setup page?
    You: yes
    You: avid user of linksys wirelss routers
    You: very comfortable with all settings, accept the storage one because it is new
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    Maria U. (24652): Kindly access its setup page and go to Storage tab.
    Maria U. (24652): Are we in that tab now?
    You: yup
    Maria U. (24652): Good.
    Maria U. (24652): May I know what is on your Claimed Disk1 ?

    You: WDC WD1200BB-00FTA0
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    You: 1 partion fat32, 120gigs
    Maria U. (24652): Are you using Windows XP computer?
    You: yes
    You: xp sp2
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    Maria U. (24652): Do you have any firewall or anti-virus software on your PC?
    You: I have standard windows firewall, and symantect client av
    Maria U. (24652): Would it be okay if we will temporarily disable those?
    You: yes I will disable
    Maria U. (24652): Thank you.
    You: disabled
    Maria U. (24652): Great!
    Maria U. (24652): Can you see your Network Places icon?
    You: yes
    Maria U. (24652): Kindly double click on it?
    You: k
    Maria U. (24652): Can you see your shared folder?
    You: no
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    Maria U. (24652): Just close it out.
    You: k
    Maria U. (24652): When you directly connect your USB into the computer, can you see the files?
    You: yes
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    Maria U. (24652): Does your router and the computer has the same workgroup name?
    You: yes, mshome
    Maria U. (24652): Good.
    Maria U. (24652): Please right click on your My Computer icon.
    You: k
    Maria U. (24652): Then click Map Network Drive…. A new Map Network Drive window opens.

    You: yes
    Maria U. (24652): In the Map Network Drive window, choose an available drive letter from the drop down list located next to the "Drive:" option. Any drives already mapped will have a shared folder name displayed inside the drop down list, next to the drive letter.
    You: k
    Maria U. (24652): Type the name of the folder to map. Alternatively, click the Browse… button to find the correct folder by browsing available network shares.

    You: k
    Maria U. (24652): Click the "Reconnect at login" checkbox if this network drive should be mapped permanently. Otherwise, this drive will un-map when the user logs out of this computer.

    Maria U. (24652): If the remote computer that contains the shared folder requires a different username and password to log in, click the "different user name" hyperlink to enter this information.

    Click Finish.

    You: I have the drvie named spyderz
    You: is that I should be typing in?
    Maria U. (24652): Yes or you can just browse for it.
    You: it is not available in the browse in function
    Maria U. (24652): Try typing it in instead.
    You: it is not pingable under the cmd prompt
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    Maria U. (24652): Safely remove the drive for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
    You: ok
    Maria U. (24652): Okay.
    You: whats next?
    You: hello?
    You: did I lose you>
    You: is there anybody there?
    You: you are aware this still doesnt work right?
  14. Gripweed

    Gripweed LI Guru Member

    After mapping the drive as she requested you to do, do you now see the drive in My Computer?
  15. PGHammer

    PGHammer Network Guru Member

    These Issues are *why* I have refused to recommend a D-N Router

    It's why I won't recommend a draft-N router (from anybody) for use in a mixed network. Pretty much the only cases where I can or will recommend a draft-N router is where either all the wireless connections are both draft-N and from the same company that makes the router *or* there are NO current wireless connections, all future wireless connections will use NICs from the router supplier AND the router doubles as a gigabit switch.

    Case in point: I have a WRT54GS (V2) with DD-WRT 23SP2, but have no WiFI devices in the house at all (I bought it as both an upgrade from an existing wired-only router and to future-proof the existing family LAN). I'm looking at the WRT330N/350N because of the wired-gigabit router/switch capability (remember, no WiFi devices at all presently), and any future WiFi connected devices will be Linksys/Cisco draft-N or at minimum, SpeedBooster-g/MIMO-g, simply to eliminate compatibility woes (draft-N and MIMO-g work on reflectivity and/or channel bonding, where standard g falls flat).
  16. metavalent

    metavalent Guest

    Hardcoded MSHOME Workgroup in WRT350N

    While marginal performance has been acceptable with the WRT350N (nothing super stellar, but worth the increased speed, even if the reach isn't much improved) I must add one major annoyance that has nothing to do with Draft N at all ... the MSHOME workgroup is apparently hard coded and can't be changed.

    Many of us have home networks with half a dozen or more devices, desktops, laptops, etc. and it's very annoying that the WRT350N apparently imposes a fixed workgroup name that would require changing all the other pre-existing devices! If I'm missing an advanced setting somewhere, please let me know, but the chat session above further leads me to believe that the Cisco/Linksys PM's just blew this off for some unknown reason.
  17. jgdiaz

    jgdiaz LI Guru Member

    I also have a WRT350N $200 brick :mad::mad: taking up space in my closet hoping Linsys will put out a firmware fix for all the problems. Good thing I had a netgear wnr834m router that I am using and that one so far works just fine, even my Toshiba X205-9349 connects at N speeds with no dropped or any other connection problems either.
  18. RTSAnime

    RTSAnime Network Guru Member

    my dlink Xtreme N has been awesome ever since the upg to the new 1.05 firmware that is Draft 2.0 certified.
  19. jgdiaz

    jgdiaz LI Guru Member

    Toxic - One thing that I did not like, I posted a reply on the official linksys forum about all the problems I have had and how I am using a netgear WRN834M router that has issues but is a lot more reliable with their newest firmware than my WRt350N router and low and behold the administrator deleted my forum reply (this upset me very much and may cause me to never buy a linksys product ever again!!). I was not say anything negative about linksys just that my netgear worked better and I am using it in place of the linksys until linksys comes out with a stable firmware that may fix most of the problems we all are having.

  20. Rekoil

    Rekoil LI Guru Member

    Have you tried 3rd party firmware in the mean time? 2 days after buying the WRT350N I went over to dd-wrt and have not once looked back. Only compatible with V1 models of course.
  21. lostinfaith

    lostinfaith LI Guru Member

    more questions

    I read dropped connections, are you talking hardline or wifi cuz lately after this last patch my router drops all hardline connections as if its reseting, when I look at the device all lights are live as if nothing different happen. Did they out source the production of this? I have never had a router cause so many issues...

    great feautures but they never work in sync, device worked a little better better on my 120 gig usb hard, but absolutely sux on the 500 gig...

    any body know a router that can handle a lot of info thats about this same price? i am tempted to go back to a straight hard line and drop the wifi this is just absolutely annoying
  22. farmdwg

    farmdwg Network Guru Member

    So I too have the 350N v1 and I am less than impressed. I have found that the 1.03.2 has been the MOST stable fw of them all. Yes, the USB storage available space doesn't update properly, of a 120GB drive attached to it only 70GB is available. But this fw will keep my DSL conection up for days with no problems.

    Linksys just released the 1.03.7 FW and THIS IS CRAP-O-LA. DSL connection drops 4 to 5 times in a 12 hour period. My WRT54GS (acting as a AP) cannot communitate to the router...

    Most often the 350N will go non-responsive with the new FW and I have to power cycle the thing....

    Trying out the dd-WRT .24 release.....

    Good thing I have my WRT300N sitting right next to it when I need to hot swap it out.
  23. Sabboth

    Sabboth LI Guru Member

    Now I'm not sure what to do. I've finally experienced the router dropping all connections wired AND wireless and I had to restore the router to factory defaults just to do that. Then there's the constant 1Mbits/sec which I still cannot wrap my head around and I've tried a lot of things.

    I'd really like to try 3rd party firmware, but I really don't have any of the technical experience in that department for setting it up and whatnot

    I also read somewhere on the Linksys forums that excessive heat is having something to do with all these problems?? My router doesn't feel hot to the touch externally.

    Buying this router now seems less and less of a wise move now...

    I could always go back to my WRT54G, but I'm at a loss as well with a lot of wireless traffic in my area.
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