WRT350N Problem with Internet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorg3, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. jorg3

    jorg3 LI Guru Member


    I connect via PPPoE to my ISP. In the status screen, I have an IP address, but I have no internet access on any computer connected to the router (wireless or wired). Before I upgraded to WRT350N, I had a WRT54GSv1.1 with no problems, then my graceful mind decided to upgrade the firmware of the 54gs (linksys firmware 3.x) to 4.x (the last one for v1.1) and then...I have the same problem on the WRT54GS!!! I have an IP Address from my ISP but no Internet on my lan. :S Is this an issue between PPPoE implementation of my ISP and the firmware? I wonder if someone has this problem, I live in Mexico so I dont know if my ISP is delivering the standard PPPoE service, but I know that it worked with the previous firmware (3.x) :S Any insight will be appreciated. :)
  2. jorg3

    jorg3 LI Guru Member

    Solved...at least for the moment

    I flashed the wrt350n with dd-wrt v24 beta...now I got Internet but have no support for the "usb capabilities". Anyway, I prefer having internet for the moment. Whats up with Linksys:thumbdown: ? Out of the box... buggy firmware? no PPPoE? I think Linksys was way better before Cisco entered the picture.


  3. johnngm

    johnngm Guest

    Hi jorg, I m in a similar situation as u when using PPPoE with WRT350N! ... At first I look like a "fool" trying to explain my problem to the Linksys hotline ... cos I got IP addr from ISP but could not get internet access out at all! But your sharing abt using a beta version of sw is good as i might want to try it out (spent days troubleshooting it that i just come to conclusion that it cannot work with PPPoE) ... currently i m just using the expensive router as a hub :-( ... I never did thot that this overhype router did not work as a router with PPPoE when I bought it and even got it RMAed and even tried changing the modems from ISP and still could not get it solved.
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