WRT350N V1 1.04.4 DLNA problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by predatorftp, Apr 18, 2011.

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    I'm trying to connect my new LED LCD TV from LG using the DLNA built in feature in the TV and my router. With no success.

    So far this is what i have been trying.

    1. Upgraded the firmware to 1.04.4 (I was on 1.03)
    2. Have my WD Mybook 500GB connected to the USB port (Formatted with FAT table).
    3. Created a few shares (I can access through SAMBA from my computer)
    4. activated the UPNP media server and set the database (with a partition from my USB drive).

    Loading the DLNA service on my TV I can see a few of the services that runs on the network (from my PC) and the LinksysWRT350N Device, but once i click on the DLNA detected device (on the LG TV) it gives me an error saying:
    "Failed to connect to device..." (no good idea why).

    So the next time I get into the TV's DLNA menu the Linksys device doesn't show anymore. only turning the UPNP media server (on the router) OFF and then back ON, will make the TV detect it again :(

    Any help or insights on this problem would be much appreciate, also would like to ask a few general questions regarding DLNA on this router:
    1. Can I (some how) point the database of the UPNP media server to a NAS device on the network (or to my PC shares ) ?
    2. I found a Beta version of the router i think 1.05.8, could it help solve my problems ?

    Thanks in advance.


    I have been trying to use DLNA on my router with my new LG LED LCD TV (LE5500-CA), with no success.

    So far, this is what i tried to do:

    1. Updated the routers firmware to 1.04.4 firmware (from 1.03).
    2. connected my WD mybook 500gb HD to the USB port of the router.
    3. Reset the router to factory defaults (also with hard reset) and configure the Storage menu tab as follows:
    a. Have a few shared folders (i can connect through the network using my PC)
    b. UPNP media server is enabled and in storage one of the USB drive folders)
    c. Wireless is on + WEP security

    When i try to access the routers UPNP media server through the TV's DLNA menu i can see DLNA servers running on the network (from the PC) and access them OK.

    But when I try to access the LinksysWRT350N device (it's detected by the TV) i get an error: "Failed to connect to device... something about checking if the device is connected (ha ha ha)" so now when i re-access the TV's DLNA list the router doesn't show anymore, only resetting the UPNP media server OFF and ON will allow me to see the router in the list.

    from time to time I could get forward to the actual play menu but the next time it wouldn't work.

    should i try the Beta firmware 1.05.8 ?

    any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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