WRT45G connection with ADSL

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by austinjreid, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. austinjreid

    austinjreid Network Guru Member

    Just a quick sanity check please.

    I am in UK and have ntl broadband (750K) through ntl's own brand of CABLE modem. This is connected to my WRT45G fine, dhcp is fine, wireless is fine (1 eth + 2 wireless). Even my PS/2 is fine connected.

    We are thinking of changing to BT broadband (2M), this is advertised as ADSL. BT gives you an ADSL modem for the connection.

    My questions is: will I be fine still using my WRT45G router with the ADSL modem?
  2. simonneykamp

    simonneykamp Network Guru Member

    The router works even better with ADSL. :)

    Probably your have yo configure your ADSL modem first using a direct connection with your PC. After filling in your username and password the modem will connect automatic.

    Now connect the modem to the WRT54G and configure the router. No need to clone MAC-adresses etc.... Just choose "Automatic, DHCP" and it will work.

    (I'm in the Netherlands, so your situation could be a bit different)
  3. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Network Guru Member

    Probably not, most "free" ADSL modems are USB only. You will need to buy an alternative ADSL modem with a RJ45 connection which can be plugged into the WRT54G. Examples of potential modems are the Safecom SAMR-4110 or DLINK DSL-300T. These cost approx £25-£30.

    In my case I have a WRT54G connected via a SAMR-4110. This configuration has run without any problems for the past three months. The SAMR modem is sold by Ebuyer under their Extra Value range and a quick check of the reviews indicates its a pretty good box for the price. If you need more than one ethernet port it has a bigger brother with 4 ports for a couple of Pounds more
  4. austinjreid

    austinjreid Network Guru Member

    I will be getting a ADSL modem with both USB and eth ports, I very much doubt I'll be removing the sticker from the USB connection! haha.
    It should be the BT Voyager 205, luckily I've found a site with details on that (corz.org).
  5. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    All ADSL modems we received from our local ISPs use LAN connection rather than USB, so it will depend on what they supply.

    Connection type also depends on the ISP setup. Most favours PPPoE, either managed by modem firmware or by direct connection from computer (via modem), in which case you can configure the WRT54G's own PPPoE dialler for the purpose. See part of this example for details.
  6. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Network Guru Member

    A BT Voyager 205 would also be OK since this has an ethernet connection. Often the inclusive modem when you sign-up is only designed to connect one pc and is usually USB. Normally you can buy a higher spec ADSL modem, including a router or wireless, from your ISP but generally the cost is much higher than you see on Ebuyer, DABS, etc for a similar box.

    But as Esquire says, best to check what comes as part of your package to ensure its suitable.
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