Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by yahtzee, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. yahtzee

    yahtzee Network Guru Member

    Just moved into a much larger house and am having some issues with my connection staying synched. I currently use the BEFW11S4 Linksys router v4 and have updated it to the current firmware. I can sit right on top of my router and my laptop will either connect slowly or drop the connection rather routinely.

    Today i bought the WRT54G (v5). Got it home and did some more reading to find that i cant use the DDWRT flash on a v5 WRT54G.(was looking for some added range) Question is, do i return this and sift through all of the boxes looking for an older version or do i go for the WRT54GX series for the added range, or another suggestion? My number one goal for this is to have connectivity throughout my house, not to share files with other computers.
  2. adrian_gti

    adrian_gti Network Guru Member

    i bought the WRT54GX and the range / speed was great but it is very limited feature wise... stuff such as port forwarding was a pain due to it not having static DHCP :( I've since gone back to WRT54GS with thibor FW.

    Go for the WRT54GS and spend a little cash on good antennas etc I found it helped a lot.
  3. yahtzee

    yahtzee Network Guru Member

    thanks...i bought the GS and applied the DD-WRT firmware...i only dropped as low as 93% throughout my whole house.....thanks.
  4. Private-Cowboy

    Private-Cowboy Network Guru Member

    I've just bought a WRT54G since the GS cost 20% more than the G model and does nothing better (esp since my PC and Xbox dont have speedbooster). I've a good WRT54G version 3.1 so no VxWorks crap. I'm already very impressed by the antennas coming from my WRT54GC (with external +6dbi antenna), signal is around 10dbi better with WRT54G and its stock antennas.

    Can "good" antennas bost that even more? Which ones do you consider "good" and would boost performance? I tried a +6dbi directional antenna but that was crap, the loss due to the cable was worse than the antenna gain itself, the signal dropped by 3dbi actually - absolutely laughable.
  5. adrian_gti

    adrian_gti Network Guru Member

    hmm i suppose it all depends on your house layout etc. I setup the wrt54gs on a 1 floor building for 9 PCs all with GS cards. I upgraded all antennas (router and cards) with the linksys after market ones (sorry the codes escape me) and the diffrence was well worth it. I havent tried any other so I cant comment but the linksys ones are worth the money. I also got the addon to take the antennas off the router and placed them in a more suitable place.
  6. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    The Linksys antennas are good if the router and what you are trying to connect to it are on the same level. If you are trying to go up/down floors in your house, it won't really help and may actually hurt your signal. The best way to describe why is think of the signal area being a dougnut. What Linksys's extended antenna does is "squish" the dougnut, so it's more of an oval, thus while the signal on the same level will be extended, up or down can actually be lessened.
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