WRT45G v2.2 newbie question / low WIFI speed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jun 21, 2005.

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    Anonymous Guest

    Hello. I've recently bougth WRT45G and I have a question (a newbie one, please forgive me). I'm using the latest official soft from linksys site for this modem and all the settings are default. I have two standard RaLink 54Mbit cards connected to my local network. For some reason the WIFI speed is at 2,2MB/s - of course when two cards are active (both are downloading files for example), the transfer is at 1-1,2MB/s- in my job I have a d-link equipment and it runs with almost twice speed.Router as I said before runs on defaults (I have no experience in tuning that kind of equipment).I know that the RaLink cards are not as good as d-link or linksys but,could you tell me if there are some tricks/advices for higher speed. I would be very grateful, thanks in advance. :cry:
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