WRT45GL v1.1 wireless client disconnects & frame burst

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by tomerz, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. tomerz

    tomerz LI Guru Member

    I've recently installed WRT45GL router as an access point (router operation mode) to run with my Alctel Speedtouch Pro ADSL router.
    I was very happy with the wireless reception and speed on my ThinkPad T42 latop which only supports "wireless b" standard..11MBPS at excellent reception, anywhere in the house.
    Then I found out about the Linux OS it uses..:biggrin: and upgraded it to Thibor 15c...excellent firmware! lots of extra options and started to use it a fullon network & wireless router, using PPPoE with the Alcatel.
    Everything was running okay, with p2p running heaps of connections. Then I started to notice the wireless signal disconnections all over on the T42 :-(
    Switched back to Access Point configuration, no change ...
    From this point on, I've spent hours changing its configuration including security modes, trying to figure out what went wrong from the upgrade. Couldn't find anything..completely disappointed, I "downgraded" back to the original Linksys firmware and it was working smoothy again (minus all the great options it was lacking...).
    Then I thought about 1 thing changed after the Thibor upgrade..I started using it as a DHCP server instead of the Alcatel's DHCP...also, I noticed the "frame burst" option is set as "disabled" by default on the original frameware while on Thibor it's enabled by default...!!
    immediately I flashed back to Thibor 15c and disabled the DHCP server and the frame burst. and it worked...! no disconnections so far using WEP security, no DHCP, no frame burst and as an access point.
    I'm gonna try using again WPA2 and see what happens, so far I'm able to VNC again over wireless and watch movies with no problems whatsoever....
    had to get this documented here..to be continued.
  2. tomerz

    tomerz LI Guru Member

    got my first disconnection today after several hours of VNCing over wirless..I switched yesterday back to WP2 encryption, don't think that's the problem though. Any thoughts?
  3. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    Try resetting the router by holding in the reset button for 30 sec.

    I also have had random disconnects with a WRT54GL ver. 1.1 with the Linksys firmware 4.30.2

    It would drop the connection with my DSL PPPoE line from my ISP about once every one or two weeks. IP address showing as all zeros but it got the DNS info. The strange part is that I have had this router since April or May of 2006 and last month it started dropping connections.

    The router is sitting out in open space, not near a heat source or under something to block any airflow.

    After doing a reset it has not dropped the connection. But this time I enabled logging, so if it does it again I can take a look at the log.

    Whoops I almost forgot.......... Welcome to the forums. :)
  4. tomerz

    tomerz LI Guru Member

    cheers but I meant wireless client disconnects - not internet as I'm not using it as a WAN router .. I have the Alcatel ADSL Speedtouch router which does an excellent job for years.
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