WRT54G 1.1 death but ping/flash

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mode, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. mode

    mode Network Guru Member


    I flashed the new alchemy 5.3 to my Wlan Router and after this i had no response.
    After switching on, a few pings were answered but not more.
    ok, i wanted to flash back the linksys 2.04.4 but this works only to 95%. Then the tftp programm stops. The Router is in the same state as before. You can ping it but no wlan and no webinterface.
    Then i tried to flash the linksys firmware 1.42.2. - with success. But the Router is just answering Pings again - not more :(

    And it seems that the router is very busy, because most of the pings need 300-500ms to be answered. a few are normal fast <1ms.

    What can i do?
    Must i replace the router?

    Hope you can help me.


  2. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    Do a reset.
  3. mode

    mode Network Guru Member


    i did a reset.
    but now i have done a few reset (1 minute while powering on and off the router) and now its running.
    THanks - i am happy.

    Now i can flash linksys 1.42.2 or Satori 4.0G but not Linksys 2.04.4 or Alchemy 5. Here the flashing process stops at 95%.
    It seems to depent on the filesize. The newer files which do not work are bigger than 3MB. could this be the reason?


  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    yes.. tftp only works with files smaller than 3Mb

    upgrading to larger files request web interface upgrade OR linksys firmware updater
  5. mode

    mode Network Guru Member

    ok thanks for the fast suport!
    great forum!

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