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Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by RDK, May 5, 2004.

  1. RDK

    RDK Network Guru Member

    I have read all 21 pages of WiFi-Box section at the Broadband Linksys Forum section and I'm bleary-eyed, tired and somewhat confused. I posted a version of this note there, but activity seems to have died over there, so I'm trying here to see if I can get some answers.

    Could I get someone to confirm/summarize the status of VPN access from the WAN to my LAN via my WRT54G (v1.1) unit with the firmware version.

    I'm really interesetd in the related setup processes both for a) using the PPTP server which WiFi (Many thanks for all your efforts) has added to the firmware and/or b) tunnelling to a PPTP VPN server on one of my PC's on the LAN behind the WRT54G.

    Assuming the following: Router WAN address is; Router LAN address is; DHCP is enabled - (Mask:

    a) What are the correct parameters for the VPN server setup on the WRT54G? For "Host IP"? (Why would one need a range here?) For "Client IP"?

    If the client IP's are not in the same subnet (192.168.11.*) as the router and related LAN, does this cause communication difficulties between the WAN client and the LAN? If not, then why?

    I've seen references to "fix ip address via static dhcp", what does this do and why would I need to use it?

    b) If I want to use a PPTP VPN server running on one of my PC's, what do I have to do? Port forward 1723? Others?

    My VPN client is the PPTP client built into Windows XP.

    And now for my second question. I'm using a WAP54G as a "repeater" for this WRT54G. It is now working perfectly with the Linksys 2.02.2 firmware. Should I expect any problems with firmware?

  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    I know I've been making a lot or promises for articles and guides - but I PROMISE - they're coming :wink:

    Implementing VPN solutions is already part of the WiFiBox howto that's in progress.

    but - I'll go ahead and answer some of your questions now - less typing for me to do later ;-)

    These are related to the 2.02.2pre1 version of the WiFi-Box firmware and just examples, but should work with your setup so far.

    in the VPN Server page (Applications & Gaming -> VPN Server)


    PPTP Server readio button to 'Enable'

    Host IP:

    Client IP:

    Login: in the format "USERNAME" [Space] * [Space] "PASSWORD" [Space] * [Enter]

    "RDKVPN" * "vpnaccess" *

    'Save Settings' to apply
    In the case of using the IP range that I used, all your machines, local and through the VPN, will be on the same subnet. You will still have to access other computers via their IP address, hence why using Static DHCP assigment is suggested. This way you can always access a specific computer at the same IP and if you implement the Local DNS option, then you can refer to them by a name rather than IP such as computer1.local.net et cetera.

    If you want use a local PPTP VPN Server you need to use one of the (preconfigured for you convenience) Server Profiles. These can be found under Applications & Gaming -> Server Profiles.

    Select 'Enable' on the Server PPTP option, enter the LAN side IP of the PPTP server, and 'Save Settings.' The profile is setup to forward port 1723 and protocol 47.

    Regarding the repeating functions- nope should work just fine with the WiFi firmware if it works with the 2.02.2 Linksys firmware.

    Let me know if there's anything I need to clarify
  3. RDK

    RDK Network Guru Member


    Many thanks for the summary, you're the best!!!

    Really looking forward to your "Wifi-Box Guide", but until then this seems to answer all of my questons.

    I'm out of pocket for the next couple weeks, but when I get back to this project I will let you know how I make out.

    Thanks again.....RDK
  4. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    No prob, thats what we're here for - glad I could help out!
  5. RDK

    RDK Network Guru Member

    It has been a long two weeks since I indicated that I would be installing WiFi's latest firmware. What can I say, time flies when you are having fun....

    Anyway, I just tried to download the

    "WRT54G WiFi Firmware release v. 2.02pre1
    Description: WiFi-box WRT54G firmware Version 2.02v1
    Version: 2.02pre1 Filesize: 3.22 MB
    Added on: 21-Apr-2004 Downloads: 2044"

    version from the downloads link and got a

    "Could not read file.

    Go back. /home/ftp/pub/sourceforge//s/so/sourceforge/wifi-box/code_2.02.pre1-wfb.zip

    Jun 19, 2004 20:48"

    message from the SourceForge site. Any idea what the problem it?

  6. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    I get the same message ... :(
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