WRT54G 2.2 issues, not really a broadcomm problem.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Xyse, Mar 30, 2005.

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    If you have a 2.2, then you should know about the infamous issue regarding this version. Although the other versions also have wireless disconnection problem, the probability of disconnections is much higher on 2.2.

    Before you guys start bragging about the new broadcomm chip, lets forget wireless awhile and take alook at the ethernet(wired).

    I has been transferring 10gigs of data to and from 2 clients through both 2.0 and 2.2 hardware. If broadcomm is the problem, 2.2 would have crashed, but the results is quite interesting, atleast for this 2.2.

    In both test, 2.2 beats 2.0 with about 2-3mins. Speed isnt the issue though, more importantly, 2.2 did not crash.

    Wireless is much harder to test, but here are the results. My friend and I thought it would be a collision problem so I played with the RTS values.

    [server] <wireless- [router] <wired- [client]
    CIFS/SMB packets are normally 1.5k-1.6kb, so I decided to set the RTS value to 1536 and leaving the fragment threshold as default. Transfer is much more stable compared to the original value, but out of 3 test, 1 still crash.

    Reducing the RTS to 1024, I get 3/3, but the bandwidth is slow as hell, throughput is about 1300-1400 kB/s.

    [server] -wireless> [router] -wired> [client]
    Setting the wireless card RTS to 1024, but test still crashs 2/5 times.

    The funny thing is that, they crash after the CIFS/SMB transfer is completed(see attachment).

    [Side notes]
    Test are done with frame burst disabled, enabling them seems to affect stablity greatly. But we are unable to confirm it though as we cannot seems to think of good test cases.

    RTS and Fragment values of 1536 on both the routers and wireless card give a surprisingly high throughput, but bad stablity =p.

    We think the wireless issue might be due to the new processor, we are planning on buying heatsink and thermal glue to stick on this piece of shit and test it out.

    edit: i will add attachment later, the forum features seems to be down.
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