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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Private-Cowboy, Jan 17, 2006.

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    I moved to a WRT54G from my WRT54GC because the GC was not able to pump more than 12mbit through the air and that is not enough to stream wmv-hd to the xbox 360. The G (a v.3.1 by the way) works great so far, signal is a lot better (never thought the two small antennas could be so good) - low 40s db on the PC running the G instead low 50s running the GC - and the troughput is around 18-20 - ok for me given the fact the PC is some 20feet away through one wall.

    Since I'm new to the G model I've some questions and would be very grateful if you could help me quick.

    1.) I found options in the firmware (latest official 4.20.7) that I don't know from the G model (maybe because the GC uses Vxworks and the v3.1 G uses Linux). I know that "frame bursting" improves network performance a little bit so I enabled it. But what does "cts protection mode do"? Its set to disabled, does setting it to auto do anything to the performance? I've a 802.11b PPC I connect from time to time so I'm using mixes mode.

    2.) There are a lot of 4rd party FW out there and I've no idea which one is good. HyperWRT seems to be the one, but wich? Tofu? ...? And wich version for the v3.1 WRT54G? I don't need (or atleast I think I don't) fance features, all I need is the best possible performance to ensure stable wmv-hd streaming throughout my flat. The stock FW already does that but higher throughput would mean I could use higher bitrate and therefore would get higher quality. The stock FW achieves 18-20mbit, what would the best 3rd party FW achieve? Any recommendations?

    3.) Since the G model runs a Linux based FW, is it possible to run certain scripts from time to time? Like router reset every 24h or so? Can this be implemented into the FW so it has not to be done manually?

    I apologize I those questions have been answered already somewhere but I did some research yesterday and haven't found anything helpful.

    Thanks again for your help.
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    Quote from DD-WRT help:
    CTS Protection Mode
    The default value is Disabled. When set to Auto, a protection mechanism will ensure that your Wireless-B devices will connect to the Wireless-G router when many Wireless-G devices are present. However, performance of your Wireless-G devices may be decreased.

    And some script examples can be found here:

    I'm using DD-WRT, can't help you with your 3rd party firmware question. Maybe this comparison helps: http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=31
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    Thank you for you're help. Actually I thought it had to be the other way round since "protection" implies that it keeps the b-clients out if possible on a mixed-network not doing the opposite. Disableing "protection" keeps them out, that sounds kinda screwed up to me. But that exactly what I read too yesterday. Hm, no problem - I leave it disabled.

    I think I'm not flashing 3rd party FW yet, my router is bascially brand new (2days, had a WRT54GC before) and its working great so far. And since my needs are mainly focused on getting max. performance and throughput (so I can stream WMV-HD around the house) I don't really need the fancy - but very useful features for sure - 3rd party FW offer. HyperWRT seems to be very fast, at least that's the impression I got atm.

    Thanks for the scripts, I'll bookmark those right away. I bet you can only use those on 3rd party FW? I've not yet seen a way ti inut them in the offical Linksys FWs.

    Whats bothering me the most atm is than whenever a voip-client is operation (Skype or VoipBuster for example) the signal level und quality takes a dive. I've no idea why that is....
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