WRT54G and 2 Remote Desktop connections ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by apolodor, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. apolodor

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  2. s202

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    Yes, this is possible... in fact I started thinking about this in about 48 hrs ago and finally I just did it... instead of using the method you said above here is what I did...

    WRT54G -> PC1 ( Windows Media Centre 02
    I-----> PC2 ( Windows XP Prof

    I kept PC1's 3389 port open (default from XP) where I updated my PC2's firewall and registry to use 3399 as Remote Desktop's listening port. Note that, this is important: make sure you update the Windows Firewall setting to allow 3399 traffic as well. I missed to do this part and wasted half day for me to figure out. On the router side you also must set the port forwarding to forward all traffic to port 3399 to PC2. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SET ANYTHING ON PORT TRIGGERING IF YOU FOLLOW MY METHOD.

    Now, when I am outside, I can RDP to my IP to my PC1 and IP:3399 to my PC2 without any problem. I was going to do it the way that you proposed but port triggering would be too much work for me to figure out. I hope this info helps.
  3. apolodor

    apolodor Network Guru Member

    are you suggesting that I should modify the RDC port (3389) from the 2nd computer ? in this case, I can't use your method because I need to create both rules for the same computer:

    for Ethernet connection: (port 3390)

    for Wireless connection: (port 3389)

    If the wireless will go down, then I can connect remotely using Ethernet connection
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