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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by brosifflee, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. brosifflee

    brosifflee LI Guru Member

    Hey everyone, i recently bought a new dell laptop m1710 with windows vista. I didn't want the vista cause i knew it still has issues but was not able to downgrade, but anyways with my bitlord client v1.1 and also tested v0.53, if i download a few files in like 5-10 minutes my wireless goes limited or no connectivity. I tried port forwarding my bitlord program but still had issues, disabled user account control, windows firewall and defender, just have avg installed. tried different combos but still goes limited or no connectivity. i have yet to call windows if theres a fix for this but wondering if it could be my linksys..like a certain setting but the thing is that my older brother has a vista laptop and has no issues with his bitlord client...using same settings and same client. it just seems something is blocking me from downloading/uploading a certain amount and then cuts me off but i cant find anything in vista security/firewall setting that could be causing it. if anyone can lead me to the right direction that would be great. thanks.
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    You say your brother has no issues, is that on the same router / isp connection or does he live elsewhere?
  3. brosifflee

    brosifflee LI Guru Member

    yes he is on the same house and network
  4. Hash-82

    Hash-82 LI Guru Member

    Well - then it is certainly NOT your router.

    2 things come to mind:

    1) Most wireless cards (on laptops) have a setting somewhere that is something like Allow windows to turn this device off to save power.
    Try finding that and turning it off (if you can in Vista).

    2) Find a Dell Windows XP Professional restore disk from 2006. Use it. That has solved ALL of my Vista problems to date (about 20 times, so far).

    You need to get the later copies, b/c earlier versions cannot support the SATA hard drives in the newer laptops (or desktops, for that matter).
  5. brosifflee

    brosifflee LI Guru Member

    i actually have turned the "Allow windows to turn this device off to save power" off and did not seem to make a difference. Do you think i would be able to find that Dell boot up disk on the net? like a torrent file or would i have to make one off a dell computer that has winxp, like does it have to be specific for dell or can it just be an updated version of winxp boot disk? Do you mean a Windows XP SP2 Recovery CD ?
  6. Hash-82

    Hash-82 LI Guru Member

    I would simply find one from someone who bought a Dell just before or just after this past Christmas - and do an "Image" or direct copy of it. This is so the disk will be bootable. The main issue with getting one off of the net (eBay or torrent) is finding one that will support the SATA drive controllers that are on most all of the new Dell computers today. Even a Dell Reinstallation CD from the first quarter of 2006 will not do this. Unfortunately, they would both look identical (Green CD). And as far as I know this requirement is vendor specific and will be unsupported by even the latest releases from Micro$oft.

    Additionally, a Dell Reinstallation CD will not require the 25 character license or EULA key. Not having to type this stupid thing in is worth the extra effort all by itself. Further, more often than not, the Dell Reinstallation CDs already have the drivers on them for most of the Dell models. If not (or if you just want to get the newest ones) go here and enter your Service Tag number.

  7. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Something else you may want to check into. Granted it is most likely a wireless (on the laptop) issue. However that still have yet to be determined. You never state if you brother is using wireless or not. Also what happens if you plug directly into the router (wired) and run your client? Still having issues or do they go away? Also if your brother is connecting wirelessly, is this problem present only when he is also connected or does it do it if you are connected alone? The other thing i would try is getting another wireless adapter if possible, pcmcia, usb it wont matter just a different adapter to test if it is your internal adapter itself of potentially the drivers that are causing the issue.
  8. Hash-82

    Hash-82 LI Guru Member

    The Dell Part number is UT993

    I looked at the Dell Restoration CDs that I used for this, and they are both P/N UT993 - and would work on an Inspiron 170x, 150x or Dimension 9200. One came with a 9200, the other with a Inspiron 6400 (1505) - but, they are both the same part number.

    Don't know why two of them are in England, tho - but, this proves that they can be found.

    These are all a little expensive, IMO. The CD would only cost about $10 from Dell - if your Service Tag didn't say that yours came with Vista. The other thing is that you can't just call Dell and request a UT993 - It has to be for a PC (or laptop) that was shipped with a SATA drive and XP Professional. I typically order between 100 and 200 machines per year - and that is the only reason I know anything about this.

  9. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Sorry guys but using restore CDs in this manner is just plain illegal. Restore CDs are meant for the system that they come with and according to their EULAs are not redistributable. Yes, they are a cheap way to install software but they are not intended to be used in this fashion.

    This thread will be locked.
  10. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    The use of OEM software on any machine other than the licensed unit would definitely make the installation unlicensed. Whether it is illegal depends on the laws and statues of the country in which the installation takes place.
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