wrt54g and dsl-302T problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by LeSilverFox, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. LeSilverFox

    LeSilverFox Network Guru Member


    Could you please help out a newbie with a WRT54G and D-Link’s DSL-302T modem issue.

    If I connect my PC (WinXP) directly into the modem’s Ethernet socket, everything works like a charm. If, however, I connect my router in between, looking up WEB pages and general surfing from one site to another slows dramatically. I very often get timeout errors when trying to get to new sites and especially when I’m moving back through previously visited sites or pages.

    Here’s my config: router wrt54g ver:3.1 software original Linksys 4.00.7. Internet connection type is automatic – DHCP.
    The modem is set to PPPoE type to setup the connection.

    I also updated the two DNS server fields in the router with the addresses I received from the ISP.

    Thanks for any pointers…
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